Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A legend, a journeyman, and a guy who's d-u-n

  • Not much is better for a baseball fan than watching Manny Ramirez. Right now he's demonstrating why he's among the greatest hitters in the history of the game. If you like to concentrate on his antics and other controversies, take a short break once in awhile to appreciate his approach to hitting.
  • Who doesn't like Matt Stairs? His career numbers are surprisingly good, and odds are he played for your favorite team. He may look like he would need a breather at first and second if he ever hit a triple, but this 40-year-old is also helping teams win playoff games.
  • Red Sox fans will always appreciate what Varitek did in the past, but his time is up. He set the tone for the loss by not getting a ball in play with a guy on third with less than two outs and then by giving up the passed ball which led to an early cheap run. Anyone who watched the Sox this year was not suprised by this ineptness. Maybe Varitek can replace McCarver in the booth.
  • Speaking of suprised, the announcer shouldn't be acting that way as the Rays beat the Red Sox. 162 games proved that the Rays are as good or better than the Sox. The better regular season team doesn't always win, but there is nothing shocking about what the Rays are doing. They've been doing it all season.
  • Last night's NL Game was one of the most entertaining games of the year. Lots of momentum shifts, great fielding on both sides (Utley to the bag for the double play, Ethier's diving catch to end the inning), and lots of big hits.
  • As for the American League, I don't know if I can stay up until 1:30 AM again.
  • David Ortiz needs to bunt towards third base a few times. The perfect opportunity was when Pedroia was at first and the Sox were down by 5. If he took the easy bunt hit, they'd have two on with no outs and the Sox best hitters coming up. That's how you start a big inning.
  • Time for Francona to mix things up. Bench Ellsbury, bring in Coco, and move Drew to leadoff.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess the Athlete!

Answer on Friday

Some Football Thoughts

  • I went to watch Oklahoma versus Texas -- a good ol' fashioned tough guy red state rivalry -- and a European Soccer game broke out. Despite the officials being fooled by this flop festival, the game was highly entertaining and lived up to its billing. In the wonderful world of "what-ifs," this game would have been much different if Ryan Reynolds hadn't gotten hurt.
  • Holy Toledo! Michigan lost again.
  • To the NFL, where the officials continued their streak of incompetently giving at least one game away. This week's winner: Minny vs. Detroit.
  • Thank you Dan Orloskvy for that entertaining safety. You have the pocket presence of a 6-year-old Tony Eason.
  • Officials have obviously been instructed by the NFL to ignore holding penalties; they want to protect quarterbacks and have higher scoring games. Why not just changes the rules and allow holding?
  • I'm a big fan of innovative formations, but when I hear about "Wildcat," I think of Goldie Hawn.
  • The problems with the Patriots go beyond Tom Brady being hurt. The defensive line isn't living up to its reputation and they badly miss Asante Samuels.
  • Time to say that the AFC domination over the NFC is over.

Professor Victorino

Shane Victorino will be coming soon to a town near you to lecture on the etiquette of throwing at hitters. Shane, if you don't want a ball thrown at your head, you should probably tell your pitching staff to stop doing it to the opponent.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reg Dunlop's Number Retired

Syracuse, NY (October 7, 2008) – The Syracuse Crunch announced today that they will pay tribute to Hollywood Legend Paul Newman by raising a banner featuring the number seven to the War Memorial at Oncenter rafters prior to their game on Saturday, October 11 against the Rochester Americans. Newman’s character, Reg Dunlop, wore the number seven in the cult hockey film Slapshot.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Game of the Century of the Week

Assigned Reading

Above is a picture taken in 1955 of Hall of Famer Raymond Berry and Leroy Vaughn (Mo Vaughn's dad), who were rookie teammates and close friends. They've recently connect connecting after 50 years of not seeing each other. Nice story about two impressive people: Ex-Colts connecting again, by Mike Klingaman.


The best baseball writer in America looks into the Angels' foolish approach to hitting. He also invents a word. Diloneism, by Joe Posnanski.

Which takes us back to the Angels. They are a very good baseball team. Why? They have good starting pitching. They have an often dominant bullpen. They play fair defense. And they have some offensive speed and two or three good (and high priced) middle of the lineup guys. All this made them good in close games (80-42 in games decided by four runs or less) and as such they deserve a lot of credit.

BUT there is a real danger of Diloneism now — this personal sense that the reason the Angels are good is because they don’t score runs, because they have an astonishingly bad offensive approach, because they don’t get on base and swing free and don’t get caught up in, you know, WALKING or whatever. I’m not saying the Angels are there yet, but I hear tones of Diloneism in many of the quotes. The Angels win IN SPITE of not scoring many runs. It is BAD to not score many runs. It is NOT HELPFUL IN ANY WAY to not get on base.

Friday, October 10, 2008

ALCS Game 1 Thoughts

  • Cow bells, Ray fans? Really? Are there a lot of cows in Tampa? Real fans use just their hands and mouths. Insert sex joke here.
  • Rays are a much better coached team than the Angels -- great fielding and no stupid base running.
  • David Archuleta left Middle Earth for a few minutes to sing, "God Bless America." Ronan Tynan has pieces in his stool bigger than Archuleta.
  • Analogy time: TBS is to Starbucks as Fox is to Chock Full o' Nuts. Dennis Eckersley is to Prime Rib as Kevin Kennedy is to Spam. Buck Martinez is to Lamborghini as Tim McCarver is to a broken down, senile, pompous Yugo.
  • Something I forgot in my preview: Papelbon and Percival have both seemed to be vulnerable in regular season Sox/Rays games this season. (I'm writing this in the top of the 8th of Game 1. Promise).

AL Preview

  • Tampa's great against right handed pitching and Lester will only pitch twice, so Beckett must get his groove back like Stella for the Sox to win.
  • If the series is a bashfest, Sox win; if it's low scoring, Rays win.
  • Random prediction: even though he's not scheduled to start, Paul Byrd will come up big for the Sox.
Red Sox win in 7.

NL Preview

  • I predict Manny will start things off with an RBI double, but Cole Hamels will pitch a strong game and the Phills will win Game 1 with homers by Chase Utley and Pat Burrell.
  • Dodgers have the advantage with managers. Torre's strength isn't game day strategy, but by not being a complete idiot, he's better than Charlie Manuel. Also bonus points to the Dodgers for not having Jimy "I can't even spell my first name right" Williams on the bench.
Dodgers win in 7 (5 if Manuel keeps pitching to Manny)

Welcome Back

After no demand, I'm trying to restart this thing. Since nothing significant in the sports world occurred over the last two years, there's no need to review the last two years.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bartcopsportseast Closing

Thanks to Bartcop.com and everyone who visited.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some politics

Is there a better gubernatorial candidate in Alabama?

Working the campaign tail, I mean trail.

He has something in common with Tom Delay.