Friday, December 31, 2004

Answer to guess the Athlete

Jose Lima who once went from 21 wins in one season to 16 losses the next. Recently signed with the Royals. Happy New years!

More Soap Box Tim

By guest writer Bryan

I do not necessarily have a favorite college football team, but I do like some people within the sport. I like Jeff Tedford, so I like Cal football. Never been a huge Lloyd Carr fan, but for some reason I love Michigan football. I thought that I wouldn't mind Jim Tressel and that Maurice Clarett was a liar, but now hopefully Tressel will get hit by a bus soon. Same can be said of Frank Beamer by the way. Yet, I will not reserve this time for those two doucebags, but rather another scumbag of a coach that has infested the college ranks; Steve Alford, head coach of the University of Iowa Basketball.

Do yourself a favor, and read this...[member name: sportsfrog, user: sportsfrog]

Yeah, that is Pierre Pierce, still playing basketball even though he is a rapist. Where does Alford come in you ask? Well, Alford held "prayer" sessions with the young lady, if you need a translation, Alford basically muscled this young girl into getting this girl to change some of her story. Which is odd, because you'd think that just standing up for a rapist would be bad enough, but Steve had his own agenda.

All of that, yet Bobby Knight is a bad guy because he threw a chair. My problem is not that he still plays, or that a coach stands by his players. Rather my problem is with that article. I mean, why should we care how a rapist is coping with getting heckled from a crowd? Maybe Reid Hanley should track down the victim and see how she is doing? What does she think of Pierre still playing basketball at Iowa? I wonder if she is able to play basketball herself, as she was part of the womens team, though I would imagine making sure nothing tears anymore would be her bigger concern.

Actually I do have a problem with him still playing. Is this where life is now going? Cal gets screwed because they took a knee. This piece of garbage still gets to play, regardless of him raping a woman, because he can put a ball in a hoop that is ten feet high. Whose fault is this? Do we blame Pierre? Or for that matter, do we blame another piece of garbage, Marcus Vick? How about their scumbag coaches? They are the ones suspending them for a year, and then allowing them back. Look at Tom Osborne (R-NE), who would take any scumbag he could find and put him on his team, just to get that elusive national championship.

How about the fans? Is it possible that we put such a premium upon winning that we will accept some of these problems, just so that our team hoists a trophy? I wanna know honestly, somebody help me out. Let me know your reasons.

Athletic Directors? Boosters (probably - they are the ones running the programs, not the AD's, Coaches, or University presidents)? Coaches? Players? Or fans? Please let me know

Some Thoughts

By guest writer Bryan

I wanna first go over a few things that have been passed around the website.

1. I have no proof that Kurt Warner is the dumbest man in America, but he is certainly up there on the list. His best years passed two years ago. The only good thing about Kurt Warner is his big-breasted wife Brenda, but even she needs to get run over by a bus anytime she opens up her mouth. Too much God talk, not enough thinking maybe the game has passed.

2. I love the idea of the National in Washington D.C. There needs to be a team in the capital, and it is a shame that it will not go through. Portland sounds like a good place, and Alan made a pretty good quick argument about that. If MLB puts a team in Las Vegas, I will never watch a baseball game again. To think that they would want to ban Pete Rose for life, but then place a team in a city in which more money is won by gambling? I dunno about any of you, but that sounds pretty hypocritical. I am iffy on the local government paying for stadiums, not really sure either way. It does seem like a waste of taxpayer money, but on the same hand, why should the local populace not take some part in paying for such a money generating enterprise? Especially since it will be they who benefit the most.

3. Do not change the rules of NFL overtime. Let me pose this thought to those of you who think it is so bad that both offenses do not get to take the field; what happens if the kickoff is returned for a touchdown? Should the other kick returner get another chance? Too bad, so sad. There is a reason why they have called it sudden death. You have a 50-50 chance of winning the toss, and if you don't have an idiot coach, will receive the ball instead of taking the wind. After that, it is up to your team.

4. Bob Ryan is a gas bag. Tired old coot.

5. As of 1030 cst on Thursday, there is 8 minutes 34 seconds left in the Holiday Bowl. Texas Tech is up on Cal 38-24. By 1050, I am expecting both teams to be in the 50's.

Dikembe's elbows

Found this list on

Meanwhile, Dikembe Mutombo's elbows have done a lot of damage over the years. Left in his wake were 25 affected players, five broken noses, 20 stitches. The log:

  • April 20, 2004: Kenyon Martin, hit in the eye and retaliated by clubbing Mutombo across the arm. Received a technical foul
  • March 31, 2003: Yao Ming, hit in the throat. Mutombo assessed flagrant foul
  • Feb. 4, 2002: Vince Carter, hit in the gut
  • May 16, 2001: Vince Carter, hit in the head. Carter did not return to Game 6 of the Eastern Conference playoffs
  • May 6, 2001: Chris Childs, broken nose
  • Feb. 26, 2001: Ray Allen, broken nose
  • Jan. 13, 2001: Corey Maggette, eye trauma
  • Dec. 28, 2000: Chauncey Billups, hit in the mouth, four stitches, fractured front tooth
  • Feb. 6, 1999: Jayson Williams, broken nose
  • May 4, 1999: Mark Strickland, broken nose
  • May 8, 1999: Lindsey Hunter, left eye
  • May 8, 1999: Christian Laettner, cut on face
  • April 9, 1999: Chris Childs, lost a tooth; Marcus Camby, shot to throat; Larry Johnson, hit in the head; Patrick Ewing, hit in the head
  • March 4, 1999: Kevin Willis, injured shoulder. Missed several games
  • May 6, 1997: Dennis Rodman, retaliated and ejected with second technical foul
  • April 12, 1997: Tom Gugliotta, broken nose
  • Jan. 30, 1997: Antoine Carr, knocked senseless
  • Jan. 4, 1997: Charles Oakley, four stitches to the lip
  • Oct. 22, 1996: Michael Jordan, bloodied nose (preseason game)
  • April 10, 1994: Robert Horry, hit in the head, fell to the floor
  • Dec. 30, 1993: Chris Webber; Mutombo later ejected for taunting Chris Gatling
  • Dec. 28, 1991: Robert Parish, hit the floor
  • Nov. 29, 1991: Ricky Pierce, 12 stitches in forehead

  • Thursday, December 30, 2004

    Kurt Warner starting next year

    Here's a quote from Warner: "I am not going to be content being a backup, that's just the bottom line," Warner said Wednesday. "I loved my year here, but I am not content being a backup. I think I showed people and did things here and won games and that I have proven I can play and start in this league."

    I'm sure teams will be fighting over him. My first piece of gambling advice ever: If he ends up as a team's starter (hopefully with the Dolphins) take the under for wins.

    My long awaited post on the Nationals

    The Nationals represent so many problems with MLB. Here's some of the issues:

    1. MLB owning them.

    This all started with an e-mail a got from Bryan:
    What was the biggest trade of of the 2004 baseball season? Obviously the Nomar trade to the Cubs, with the Sox getting Mientkiewicz and Cabrera. I asked myself how it was possible that both the Red Sox and the Cubs could get such a good trade. Then I thought about how great of a story, and how good of ratings the World Series would have gotten in 2003 if the Red Sox played the Cubs.

    Obviously Major League Baseball had to know about that right? What if it were to happen again. Who got the best out of that trade? Well, in the beginning one would have said the Cubs got the better of the deal, with the Sox second, and who got the worst of that trade? The Montreal Expos. Who runs Montreal? Major League Baseball.

    So what we have here, is Major League Baseball facilitating a trade in which two of the top money making teams would become better. Just something to think about.

    I remember hearing the same suspicions a few years ago when the Sox traded for Cliff Floyd. The Expos gave the Marlins Graeme Lloyd, Mike Mordecai, Justin Wayne, Donald Levinski, and Carl Pavano for Floyd, Wilton Guerrero, Claudio Varagas, and some cash.

    Less than a month later, the Expos traded away Floyd for Sun-Woo Kim and Seung Song. The Red Sox got Floyd for a song! Literally. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I don't think the people running baseball are competent enough to rig trades to make a better World Series. They've screwed up everything with the Expos, so it's not too much of jump to assume that they simply screw up the trades.

    Whatever our opinion about how legitimate thesetrades were, MLB is moronic to put itself in this situation. A league owning one of it's teams is a severe conflict of interest, so baseball is asking for controversy, mockery, and questions of integrity of the game.

    I don't remember the details of how MLB ended up owning the Expos/Nationals, but it should have never happened. They should have gave the previous owners a few months to sell the team, and if there were no buyers they should have closed the team down and send all the good players to the Red Sox.

    2. Moving to D.C.

    Washington DC does not deserve a team. They support the Redskins (a little too much), but they don't support the Capitals or the wizards. A team in Washington will also hurt the Orioles. I know Peter Angelos is saying this just to get some money out of MLB, but he does have a point. There's a lot of people who live in DC and Virginia who drive up to Baltimore for a game (I was one of them). Put a team in DC, less people will drive to Virginia. Baltimore games were also on local television in Virginia. Baltimore television money would probably be hurt by competition too.

    A while ago I said they'd be better off moving to Portland. Portland supports the Blazers with passion, that area of the country is growing, there's good computer money in the area, and it would give the Mariners a natural rival.

    3. Local governments paying for stadiums.

    The National deal is in jeopardy because city council people don't want to pay to build a stadium. I hate the idea of taxpayers paying for building stadiums. I know this is a controversial subject, and maybe we'll get into this in more detail later. I just think we can make better investments with our tax money.

    4. Bad signings

    Last year there seemed to be a market correction and contracts seemed to make more sense. This offseason has been crazy, and most pundits are blaming two teams: the Mets and Nationals. The Mets gave too big of a contract to Kris Benson, and that made everyone else pay too much for pitching. The Nationals gave too much to Christian Guzman, and that made everyone pay too much for shortstops.

    So those are some of my issues with the Nationals. To end on a positive notes; I'm looking forward to all the headlines comparing the struggles of DC's baseball team with our national government. More Incompetence in Washington!

    Wednesday, December 29, 2004

    NFL Overtime

    Kris brought up a good controversial subject: whether or not to change NFL overtime rules.

    I say No. It's too bad an offense sometimes goes without touching the ball in overtime, but I'm not quite sure if you can say it's unfair. Football isn't offense versus offense. It's a team game where special teams, offense, and defense all matter. If a team's defense can't stop the other team from scoring, then they don't deserve to win and they don't deserve a chance to tie.

    I can see how an offense could feel cheated because they never got a chance to touch the field, but they were let down by their teammates and that's a part of football.

    Bob Ryan, Czar of all Sports

    Here's a fun article by the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan. Some of his ideas are crazy, some not bad.

    Some good ideas:
    • No NBA team would be allowed to have a lights-out, music-up starting-lineup intro unless its record was at least .500.
    • Sunday games in any pro sport would start no later than 4 p.m. There would, of course, be no Saturday night baseball games. Anywhere. Ever.
    • It goes without saying that all World Series weekend games would start at 1 p.m. local time.
    • The 3-point shot would be abolished. This is the worst thing basketball has done to itself in the past 50 years.
    • A bonus of $500,000 would be given to the NBA coach whose team leads the league in scoring.
    • A deduction of $500,000 would be made from the paycheck of any NBA coach whose team does not average at least 80 shots per game.
    • Troy Brown would catch the winning touchdown pass and make a game-saving interception in the Super Bowl . . . but Tedy Bruschi would be named MVP.
    • Paul Pierce would study some old Kevin McHale tapes and notice that there is a lot to be said for running the lane and getting an easy 2 points.
    • This one's for you Kris: The US would win the World Cup. (Just to see what the haughty Brits would write.)
    • Kobe Bryant would win the next 10 scoring titles, but the Lakers would never make the playoffs.
    Here's one bad idea that annoyed me:
    • No overtime football game could be decided by a field goal. The game is about seizing territory, not placekicking.
    When will people ever realize that special teams is a part of football? Placekicking deserves much more respect than it's getting now. Maybe, I'm saying this because I've seen what Adam Vinatieri has done for the Pats.

    Monday, December 27, 2004

    Happy Two Month Anniversary!

    With all this controversy I almost forgot! Posted by Hello

    I think Patriotsy2k is the one with the Santa beard. Posted by Hello

    Patriotsy2k wants all of us to cheer for brave Jermaine O'Neal who had to suffer the indignity of a 15 day suspension for protecting his teammates. Posted by Hello

    Starring Chad Pennington as Cindy Posted by Hello

    Yep Posted by Hello

    Guess the Athlete!

    Answer on Friday Posted by Hello

    A hero's welcome for Jermaine O'Neal

    Here's some interesting comments from Phil Mushnick of the NY Post:

    Jermaine O'Neal, returning from a 15-game suspension in the same game, was given a loud and sustained ovation by Pacers' fans. We'd have sent ESPN's sideline reporter into the stands to ask the following question: "What for?"

    For undermining the team? For his criminal assault? Did they appreciate how his absence devalued their tickets? It wasn't as if they were issued a rebate during his suspension. Or were they honoring him for bringing the Pacers and the NBA into national disrepute?

    And it wasn't as if O'Neal were returning from bereavement leave or an injury or something as socially sensitive as say, drug and/or alcohol rehab. He was returning from a suspension for violent, criminal behavior. And he was given a hero's welcome.

    Quotes from NY papers and a quote by Wayne Newton

    NY Post

    If you open up Pennington's head today, you will undoubtedly find a snickering Bill Belichick inside it.
    Fireman Ed should have audibled to T-O-T-S, TOTS, TOTS, TOTS.

    --Steve Serby, NY Post

    But what's the point? As long as the Jets continue to act like an elite team without once ever proving that they are an elite team, as long as they keep coming up microscopically small whenever a legit team is anywhere in the same building with them, what's the use?

    --Mike Vaccaro, NY Post

    NY Daily News

    Chad Pennington, the $64 million quarterback, is becoming predictable. He turns into the $64 quarterback whenever the Jets face an elite team and attempt to prove they belong in the league's top tier.

    But Pennington and the Jets should win easily in St. Louis. Why? The Rams are a bad team and the Jets have no trouble with bad teams. It's the good teams they can't beat.

    --Gary Myers, NY Daily

    The Jets, on the other hand, seem to have a page in their playbook dedicated to rolling over.

    ...Chad Pennington, little big mouth...

    --Vic Ziegel, NY Daily

    Wayne Newton

    Fabric softener!?! So that's how all those hip hop dudes get the chicks.

    -- In a good commercial featuring Snoop Dogg.

    Sunday, December 26, 2004

    Cheap Shot Artist

    Kevin Mawae: when you can't beat them, injure them. Posted by Hello

    Keyshawn or Leon from Bud commercials? Posted by Hello

    The premiere of guest writer Patriotsy2k!

    Patriot Update - Redemption!

    It is so refreshing to see them bounce back and make the Jets look silly on their own turf, after the Monday night debacle. Being a Pats expert, I told everyone this would be similar to the Rams game on November 7th. A terrible loss the week before, followed by a strong performance is what the doctor prescribes them. People retorted saying the Jets are stronger than the Rams, which is true, yet even I didn't expect them to manhandle Pennington and move the ball the way they did. Forget that garbage score near the end, this game was a punch in the stomach to their arch rivals.

    Seeing Brady play the way he did makes you think that he is ready for another postseason push. Next week's opponent will be a joke, and they will finish 14-2 for the 2nd straight year. Now that is impressive. Let's hope also San Diego can come to play in Heinz Field in 3 weeks for the AFC divisional playoffs, avoiding a Pats trip there for the AFC title game. It was too bad to see them lose today, cause then Indy would have had to play the Steelers and they would have had a legitimate chance to win there. Anyways, this year's playoffs will be fun, and now that the Pats showed who's boss, give us your comments on how far the Patriots will go.

    Players revolt against Coughlin

    Here's a New York Post article about Giant players whining about their coach.

    Coughlin sounds like a jerk, but the Giants roster needs a major overhaul. These are the same players who gave up on Jim Fassel too. Coughlin stepped over the line a few times in attempting to fix the attitude of a losing team. Nonetheless, it's tough to feel bad for players who anonymously complain to the press.

    Saturday, December 25, 2004

    Some Christmas cheer from a Packer Fan

    Here's an e-mail I received from Kris in Key West on Christmas Eve.

    You know what? Brett Farve sucks, the Packers fans don't know shit and everything in New England and Boston is the bomb. Stay in your little insulated world, don't venture into territory you know nothing about. If you think the Patriots will ever win a Super Bowl again, you are much more naïve than I thought......Kris in Key West 81 degrees

    Happy Holidays Kris!

    Friday, December 24, 2004

    Answer to guess the Athlete

    Ricky Williams. Always providing material for bad jokes. Posted by Hello

    My CVS/Walgreens Post

    I haven't posted much this week because I've been busy and I have a feeling most of my visitors are too busy to waste time here. However, I feel bad for my bored Jewish visitors, so now I'll try to write something.

    First, an explanation for the title of this post: on December 24th, I make my annual trek to Walgreens or CVS to buy those last second presents for people I forgot about. They're always lousy gifts, but at least I made some effort. So with that thought, here are some thoughts:
    • Sox lose one guy with a labrum problems (Pedro) and replace him with another (Wade Miller). At least Miller is about $10 million cheaper. With all this talk about labrums, don't be surprised if many young Bostonians grow up to become shoulder surgeons.
    • Saw the Spurs last night. Barring injuries, they're winning the championship.
    • If I remember right, Troy Hudson was supposed to be a good defender. Parker blew by him with ease whenever he wanted to.
    • Is Brent Barry able to make a normal pass? I'm waiting for his no-look-behind-the-back inbound pass.
    • Karl Malone is pathetic. Last year he went to the Lakers, thinking that Kobe and Shaq would give him a ring. That didn't work out, so this year he's waiting. Once he decides which team will give him the best chance to win, he'll sign. He'll earn his championship ring as much as Greg Kite earned his.
    • Two good signings: Varitek with the Sox, Eckstein with the Cards. Both got too much money, but what else is new?
    • Mets sign Galarraga. Great guy, great player 5 years ago. Imagine how good this Mets team would be in 1999, especially after they get Sosa.
    • Moises Alou is joining his dad again as he signs with the Giants. If Felipe is anything like my old little league coaches, Moises will be batting leadoff and pitching every game.
    • The A's gave up trying to beat the Yankees and Red Sox, so they gave up their pitching for prospects. I guess I agree with this. Billy Beane better have good judgment about prospects though.
    • I'm getting ready to rant about NBA refs again.
    • I've also been meaning to publish an e-mail sent to me from Bryan about the Nationals being run by MLB. I've been putting off posting it because I wanted to add my two cents about how much of a disgrace this whole situation is.
    • Speaking of disgraces; why do NBA teams hire wrestling announcers to be the public address announcers? Listen to the PA guys in Miami, Detroit, and Indiana. Is it too much of a stretch to make a connection between these announcers' conduct and how fans sometimes cross the line in how they treat visiting teams?
    • Thanks to everyone who e-mails and replies to my posts. Keep sending stuff in, and those who haven't yet, as Dick Vermeil would say, "take the diapers off and go play."
    • Merry Christmas, time to go to Walgreens.

    Wednesday, December 22, 2004

    Remember the story about Scott Skiles punching out Shaq in practice? Posted by Hello

    Tuesday, December 21, 2004

    Terrell Owens Posted by Hello

    I just can't stop posting this link.

    Headlines from

    Prank call from Pirates GM inquiring about Carlos Beltran gives Scott Boras a hearty laugh

    Mets offers Dave Dravecky 4-year, $50 million contract

    No comment Posted by Hello

    Some more NFL thoughts

    First some stuff about press conferences.
    • Belichick was asked about the horrible Brady interception when he threw while being thrown to the ground. He was asked this right after the game, and if it was me, I would have trashed Brady, saying he sucked, etc. Belichick did not do this; he said there were several bad plays and you can't blame the entire loss on that one play. He doesn't get too excited after wins or too excited after losses (at least in front of the media). This is why he coaches in the NFL, and I coach Madden Football.
    • Mike Martz on his quarterback: "It's tragic for this football team, for that position to hold this whole football team hostage, but that's where we are." The only way this sentence would make sense would be if the word, "position," was in reference to the coaching position. You don't trust your quarterback, but you throw the ball eight of your first nine plays instead of running with future Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk or even Stephen Jackson. And they were playing a team with a terrible run defense.
    • Read the first two bullets again. Which coach would you rather play for?
    • Pennington versus the New York media is not a fair fight. Is this something Pennington should really be concerned with?
    Some stuff on coaching.
    • Mariucci was quick to console the long snapper who blew the game. Again, would you rather play for him or Martz?
    • I'm annoyed with the Pats, but credit has to be given to Miami coach Jim Bates. His players played hard and his game plan exploited the Patriots secondary. For some reason, Vermiel and Martz couldn't figure out that Troy Brown can't cover tall receivers.
    • The Browns and Dolphins are in similar positions. Interim coaches and the franchises are messes. Bates's team is still playing hard. Robiskie's team gave up. Guess which one of these coaches might have a future in the league. I like to blame a lot on coaches, but if I'm a general manager of another team, I'd stay away from most of those Browns players who are showing absolutely no professional pride.
    • Remember when Shanahan and Holmgren were coaching geniuses? Maybe Elway and Favre had something to do with their success. Will Belichick be successful when Brady leaves (hopefully in about twenty years)?

    Clement and December Football

    Written by Bryan

    As a Cub's fan, it kills me that Clement is gone. Clement was arguably the best pitcher the Cubs had last year. Possibly it could be said it was Carlos Zambrano, but Clement could have been 20-5 last year.

    I hope they put some offense behind Clement, because that was the problem last year. His ERA was in the 2's, probably 3's....but had no offense behind him. I think he led the league in pitchers who lost their games 3-2. Matter of fact, most offense in those games game after Clement got pulled. He gives good innings, mixes his pitches pretty well, and is good for at least 10 games. Great pickup by Theo, and should be a good fit for the Red Sox.
    What the hell was it about the weather yesterday? How many announcers and commentators made the comment about how the weather helps. Houston, Jacksonville, and San Diego all play in hot weather. So by this theory, the Bears, Packers, and Browns should have all won yesterday, how'd that go for anybody?

    Most players in the NFL are originally from south of the Mason-Dixon line. They are not necessarily conditioned for the cold weather. Perhaps the only reason some people play good in cold weather is because they want to get out of the cold as quick as possible. It does not help, nor should it say that it hurts. For anyone who will give me the Bucanners stat about cold weather, please factor this..

    How was their offense during those years of that statistic? Isn't it possibly that by the time they reached end of the season and especially the playoffs, they ran into teams that had tough defenses that their offense could not handle. Just a thought...

    Monday, December 20, 2004

    Make them walk back to New England

    Did Pete Carrol come back to coach the Pats? Every Miami kickoff return makes it back to at least the 35. The defense puts no pressure on Feely and can't even force an interception. This is Jay Feely without a running game! Harrison and the defense making stupid penalties. Notre Dame might reconsider the job offer to Weiss. Why exactly were they forcing the ball deep? Miami's whole defense is based on prevented the big pass.

    Then there was Brady. He must have spent the afternoon at South Beach because he played like he was drunk. His performance was Bledsoesque.

    For the last month the Pats have played some sloppy football, and it finally caught up to them. They better wake up before facing the Jets.

    Sunday, December 19, 2004

    Guess the Athlete!

    An easy one for the holidays. Posted by Hello

    NFC Playoff proposal

    It really is offensive that teams like Seattle and St. Louis will be in the playoffs. Here's my idea: Disqualify the NFC West winner and the two wild card winners from the playoffs. Then, replace them with USC, Oklahoma, and Auburn.

    I know it's unfair to match up college kids against professional athletes, but is it really fair to match up players coached by Mike Martz against players coached by any other coach in America?

    Coming Soon: Outrage over the Donovin Darius hit

    The play deserved a flag and probably an ejection, but I know people will get carried away. There are no excuses for making a hit like that, but that doesn't mean we can't try to figure out what caused him to do it.

    Theory 1: This was an emotional game with incosistent officiating, and Packer defenders took several minor cheap shots against Leftwich. Darius saw this as payback.

    Theory 2: By throwing too high, Favre put his receiver in a very vulnerable position. The proper play for the defender is to hit the player hard enough so the ball comes out. This year when defenders do their classic hard hits, a flag is usually thrown, no matter how legal the hit was. Did Darius avoid leveling the receiver with his body and then stupidly clothesline the receiver instead? Just a theory.

    Theory 3: He was going for the ball.

    Green Bay: Home of NFL's most pathetic fans

    I tend to give this reward to New Yorkers, but I do have to give credit to New Yorkers for two things: they seem to be having fun at every game no matter what the score (in other words, they understand it's just a game) and when their players play badly, they admit it, and they let the players know it.

    When the Packers play poorly it's the refs fault. In Green Bay, when a ref calls an obvious offsides or false start, fans boo as if the ref just assaulted their mothers. Their reaction is even more comical when you consider that Green Bay and Saint Favre usually are helped by poor officiating.

    Green Bay is a bad team (for every NFC team, subtract five wins from their record to see what their record would be in the AFC). Green Bay is not bad because of officiating. They're bad because Sherman's a terrible coach, Ahmad Green always fumbles at the worst possible times, and Favre is several years past his prime and makes about ten "rookie mistakes" per game.

    Also, is there a dumber gimmick than the cheesehead?

    Saturday, December 18, 2004

    Sox Mastercard Video

    I don't know if anyone remembers the Mastercard commercial where Red Sox fans talk about what they'd give up to see the Red Sox in the World Series. Anyway, Comedy Central did a good skit regarding that commercial. Follow this link to the Sox Mastercard commercial.

    Best offseason move

    This award goes to the Braves. Of all the pitchers changing teams, Tim Hudson will perform the best over the next five years. Also, it doesn't look like the Braves gave up much.

    Dolphins to hire Nick Saban after they find some black guys to interview

    I don't think this is what the NFL had in mind when they created their requirement for teams to interview minority candidates. Now that the Dolphins and Saban pretty much agreed to terms, the Dolphins need to pretend they're interested in Art Shell. At least it's not a complete waste of time for Shell. He'll probably get a free meal, and this is the best time of year to get a free trip to Miami.

    Needed: Matt Clement experts

    The Red Sox sign Matt Clement. I've read that he has a good fastball and he had some seasons with a good e.r.a. I've also seen some high loss totals, so I don't know what to think. So, if you know something about Matt Clement and his potential, let me know.

    Friday, December 17, 2004

    Vince Carter traded to Nets

    Nets perspective: A good point guard can do wonders for a career, so we'll see what Jason Kidd does for Vince Carter. The big question with Kidd and Carter are injuries. The thought of Kidd running with Jefferson on one wing, Carter the other is exciting, but who are the front court players for the Nets? The East is weak, so this trade is worth the gamble, although the Nets will miss the little things Aaron and Eric Williams do.

    Raptor's perspective: They got rid of Carter, so it's a success. Chris Bosh is an exciting young player, so it's good to get a malcontent like Carter away from him. But could they have gotten more? As Celtics fans can tell you, getting extra draft picks can be good (this year:Jefferson, West, Allen) or not so good (Joe Johnson, Kedrick Brown, Joe Forte). Eric and Aaron Williams are good role players and Alonzo probably won't play for them, but this trade isn't about improving this year's Raptors. It was about getting rid of Carter's attitude and contract and probably setting the Raptors up for some more trades.

    Good trade for both teams; each team was going nowhere so why not make a trade? The Nets are taking on more risk because of Carter's baggage and contract, but it may be worth it, especially with the East so weak.

    So much for wishing Pedro well

    I admit it, when athletes leave Boston teams, I tend turn against them -- notables include Roger Clemens, Antoine Walker, and Mo Vaughn. I don't think players realize this, but most fans are more loyal to the teams rather than the players. I think Seinfeld once said, "sports fans are routing for laundry." Players come and go, but teams stay (unless they move) so I always stick with my teams rather than the players who leave.

    When I started to realize Pedro might leave, I thought I might cheer for him. Pedro pitching in his prime was the most entertaining athletic performance I have ever seen. Plus, he did accomplish much for the Red Sox. So, I thought, maybe I should wish him well. Forget it. This week reminded me that I should forget about athletes as people and just appreciate what they do on the field.

    The Red Sox paid Pedro over $90 million, management let him get away with way too much (midseason vacations, showing up late, or not showing up at all), Theo Epstein surrounded him with players that gave him a World Series Ring. So he should be thankful, right? Read this article.

    I have no problem with Pedro leaving for more money. Who doesn't like more money? However, no athlete admits they went to another team for more money. It's always respect. Here's some of what he said, followed by my comments in italics.

    ...Martinez also criticized the negotiating tactics of Red Sox officials.... Theo Epstein, who he called "arrogant."

    Jason Stark wrote about Pedro's negotiating tactics. I won't criticize him for his effort to get more cash, but lets just say Sox management, along with other owners they're friendly with will avoid Pedro's agent. As for Pedro calling someone "arrogant;" that's like Kris from Key West accusing someone of being a soccer fanatic.

    He wanted more money than Schilling:
    ..."Schilling is 38, I'm only 33," he said. "The fact that I had an off-year doesn't mean that I can be below Schilling. Still, with an off-year, I'm way over Schilling as a pitcher and I've pitched pretty much like Schilling the last few years, if you're going to talk about durability."

    I saw Pedro pitch the last three years, I saw Schilling pitch the last three years, Pedro, you are no Curt Schilling.

    "I'm a proud man and I think I deserve a little respect for the work I've done," he said. "I felt disillusioned and hurt by the way the Red Sox let me go so easily."

    Where's my violin? The Sox let him go easily. Sure, read the Jayson Stark article.

    "I felt good this year and I feel good now," he said. "I don't know where rumors about my health started. I didn't have a bad year, but it wasn't the norm for me."

    Let's see, you missed a big chunk of a season because of a shoulder injury, and since then, your velocity as decreased, your pitch count decreased, you only pitch greatly when you have extra days of rest, and your statistic have worsened. Those damn rumors.

    "My goal now is to stay healthy and get the Mets back to the World Series and win it," Martinez said.

    I hope your season ends during spring training. Am I being disrespectful and arrogant?

    Bowl team graduation rates

    Flagging the bowl games

    ONLY 12 of the 56 college bowl football teams should be allowed on the field in my ninth annual Graduation Gap Bowl. Those 12 are the only ones, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, that have a graduation rate of at least 50 percent for both black and white players and a racial graduation gap of less than 15 percentage points. The NCAA gives colleges six years to graduate scholarship athletes.

    Here are the calls by the head referee of the Graduation Gap Bowl.

    Bowl Eligible


    Graduation Rates 65 percent or more and racial gaps of less than 15 percentage points.

    Boston College (78 percent overall). White 82, Black 74
    Notre Dame (77) W 76, B 76
    Southern Miss. (66) W 64 B 67
    (Navy does not give athletic scholarships, but has campus- wide male grad rate of 86 percent, 88 percent for white males and 75 percent for black males)


    Graduation Rates of at least 50 percent for both black and white players and racial gaps of less than 15 percentage points.

    Purdue (63) W 65 B 59
    Virginia Tech (58) W 64 B 54
    Southern Cal (58) W 65 B 52
    Marshall (58) W 63 B 63
    Miami (57) W 57 B 56
    Boise State (54) W 61 B 50
    Hawaii (53) W 52 B 64
    North Carolina (53) W 57 B 50

    Bowl Ineligible


    Overall Graduation Rate of 65 or more percent, but racial gaps of 15 or more points.

    Syracuse (78) W 91 B 69
    Virginia (75) W 93, B 63


    Overall Graduation Rate of 50 or more percent, but racial gaps of 15-20 points.

    Wisconsin (56) W 65 B 45
    UCLA (55) W 66 B 47
    Ohio St. (52) W 63 B 43
    Bowling Green (50) W 58 B 40
    Texas A&M (50) W 59 B 44


    Overall graduation rate of 50 or more percent but racial gaps of 21-25 points.

    Toledo (62) W 77 B 56
    Cincinnati (60) W 47 B 68
    Texas Tech (60) W 73 B 50
    Michigan (57) W 70 B 47


    Overall graduation rate of 50 or more percentage points but racial gaps over 25 points.

    Iowa (58) W 64 B 38
    Connecticut (54) W 68 B 41
    Ala.-Birmingham (54) W 69 B 41
    Georgia (53) W 73 B 40
    Miami (OH) (53) W 67 B 31
    Iowa St. (51) W 63 B 36


    Overall graduation rate of under 50 percent.

    Florida St. (49) W 71 B 43
    Alabama (49) W 63 B 45
    Wyoming (49) W 59 B 38
    Georgia Tech (49) W 63 B 43
    Auburn (48) W 74 B 40
    California (48) W 59 B 42
    Troy (48) W 48 B 49
    West. Va. (46) W 56 B 33
    Okla. St. (45) W 57 B 41
    North Texas (44) W 58 B 38
    Oregon St. (44) W 50 B 40
    Ariz. St. (44) W 59 B 34
    Colorado (43) W 60 B 29
    Louisiana St. (42) W 61 B 35
    New Mexico (42) W 50 B 38
    Florida (42) W 56 B 36
    Minnesota (41) W 60 B 27
    Utah (41) W 38 B 31
    Tennessee (38) W 67 B 30
    Northern Ill. (38) W 47 B 24
    Louisville (35) W 53 B 27
    Oklahoma (40) W 48 B 35
    Memphis (40) W 59 B 29
    Fresno St. (40) W 39 B 43
    Texas (34) W 36 B 33
    Texas-El Paso (34) W 34 B 38
    Pittsburgh (31) W 48 B 21

    Derrick Z. Jackson, an Op-ed writer for the Boston Globe does this article twice a year -- for bowl season and for March Madness. Maybe it just me, but I always find this schockingly entertaining or entertainingly shocking.

    Thursday, December 16, 2004

    Answer to guess the Athlete

    It's Calvin Broadus practicing with USC. For more info, go here.

    Need sleep

    Randy Johnson on the Yanks, Pedro blaming the Sox, Beltre a Mariner, the Nationals leaving DC, Hudson on the Braves, Renteria on the Sox, Maribel Dominguex playing mens' soccer, Patriotsy2k the linguist invents another word "Met'ish"...

    So much to write, but I need sleep and tomorrow's pretty busy. I'll try to catch up this weekend.


    Written by Bryan

    A recent article has come out in The Sporting News in which it contends that Brian Urlacher is the most overrated player in the NFL. Now I will admit that I do not think Brian Urlacher is the best defensive player in the NFL, hell, I don't think he is the best defensive player on the Chicago Bears. But to say that he is overrated is completely insane. Overhyped yes, overrated, not in the least.

    <>One of the reasons that was given was that Urlacher's best season came with Ted Washington and Keith Traylor as his defensive tackles, who tied up blockers and were able to let him run free. I'm sorry, but wasn't Ray Lewis' best season come with Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa as his defensive tackles? Those are hardly mid-level defensive tackles.

    There is no way he could be considered the most overrated linebacker in the league, because he is not even a linebacker. At New Mexico where he played college, he was a safety. He converted into a linebacker, and a damn fine one at that.

    Have any of you seen the highlights of the Bears game against Minnesota, and the interception that he made? I'm not a football expert, but every football 'expert' I heard said that the interception was one of the best of the year.

    Let us also not forget that Bears are 5-0 with him in the lineup, beating teams such as Tennessee, Minnesota, and the Packers. All of whom, are much better than the Bears right now, and in at least two of those games it was the defense that won it for them.
    You want the most overrated player in the NFL, go to Oakland and talk to number 99. Remember his prediction of twenty sacks - how'd that go for you?
    I laughed at the soccer hooligan crack. For any of you who wants to read a great book on soccer hooligan's, get Bill Buford's, Among the Thugs. Great read.

    Amen, Bob Ryan

    The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan is happy that the Celtics are running. While doing so, he perfectly explained what's wrong with today's game:

    ...Perhaps you've been enamored by all those 72-70 games the NBA has been infested with the past 10 years or so. Perhaps you like coaches standing up, calling every play, choking the athletes, stifling their creativity. Wow. You must have thought you'd died and gone to Hoop Heaven the past decade or decade and a half.

    But the rest of us were too busy dozing to pay much attention. The NBA from the mid-'90s on was agonizing for us to watch.

    It's not just a matter of fast breaks. It's a matter of simply caring about offense at all. There's been so much preaching over the years about defense, defense, defense that it was easy to forget that the object of this game is to put the ball in the basket, not prevent someone else from doing so. Sure, there has to be a proper balance between the two in order for the sport to be played properly, but there can be no denying that over the past several years most coaches have been much happier when the other team had the ball than when their own team did...

    Wednesday, December 15, 2004

    Another bad contract

    The Mariners sign Richie Sexson to a $50 dollar contract. Fifty million to a first baseman? It's not as if power hitting first basemen who strike out a lot are rare. I can understand overpaying for pitching because there aren't many out there, but a first basemen who had nine homeruns and a .233 batting average in an injury riddled year?

    To make things worse, Safeco Field is a pitchers' park. How many would-be homeruns that Sexson hits will be caught on the warning track?

    So many players are being paid too much this offseason. Those agents who had been shouting about collusion should shut up now.

    Caption Contest

    Okay, I admit it, the only reason I'm doing this "contest" is that I couldn't think of one. Posted by Hello

    20 degrees and windy in Boston Posted by Hello

    Hall of Famer Gammons on Pedro

    Read the whole article. Here's some scary stats for Mets fans:

    ...Remember, in 17 starts on normal (4 days') rest, his 2004 earned run average was 4.995, or 5.00; his three outstanding postseason starts were on seven, eight and seven days' rest, while his weaker start was on a fifth day of rest. And, remember, he didn't pitch on four days' rest from June 13 to July 27 and was given 10 days off at the All-Star break. From 1997 through 2002, Martinez had by far the best strikeout-walk ratio in the game but in 2003-2004 he ranked ninth. He led all major league pitchers in lowest OPS year after year, but in '04 he was ninth in the American League, right behind Freddy Garcia and Jake Westbrook. When Red Sox fans howl about their rivalry with the Yankees, remember, in the past two years, the Red Sox were 24-16 against the Yanks when Pedro didn't start, 3-9 when he did....

    Another Gammons gem:
    ...Someday they'll [Mets] figure out fans want winners, which entails performance, not promises and glowing talk-show praise leading into a Jets game.

    One last gem:...
    "We would have spent three years with a great deal of anxiety," says one member of the [Sox]front office. "Pedro is very good, but losing Pedro and Derek Lowe means we have to replace 400 innings and a 4.60 ERA."

    Monday Night Football

    I didn't see much of this game, but I saw enough to remember that Tom White is an absolutely terrible referee. When ESPN and ABC announcer criticize you, you know you're bad. It seems that every time a ref throws a flag for hitting the helmet the replay proves he gets it wrong.

    Credit should be given to Fisher and Vermeil. Their seasons are over, but the players still played hard. Contrast that to teams like the Giants, Seahawks, and Vikings, who even when they had a shot at the playoffs, played uninspired football.

    Some thoughts on players: Al Michaels and John Madden kept going on and on about how Drew Bennet must be exhausted. If that was true, he needs to get in better shape. It's not like he's playing defense. I don't remember Jerry Rice ever slowing down at the end of one of his monster games.

    He's only a backup, but it seems that near the end of every season, Antowain Smith starts running through people. Dillon's amazing season should not make Pats fans forget about how important Smith was to their success (especially the first Super Bowl win).

    Certain injured players look absolutely miserable when watching from the sideline. Steve McNair is the captain of that group.

    Tuesday, December 14, 2004

    Guest writer Bryan and Kris from Key West are fighting like English soccer hooligans!

    I know where the confusion is setting in. Apparently our friend from Key West is imagining that I am writing things. He must think that of Alan as well. I laughed at the picture of the guy getting kicked in the nuts, ya wanna know why? Because people getting hit in the nuts is funny. NFL Films did a whole segment on football players getting hit in the nuts, with the reaction of players, coaches, and commentators. You know why that was hilarious? Because it was football players getting hit in the nuts. That's funny, in any situation during any sport, hell, it doesn't even have to be a sport. People getting hit in the nuts is funny.

    I respect soccer players, for one fundamental reason. I do not have the lung capacity that they must have to run up and down for ninety minutes. Do I think they are bad athletes? Well I think endurance is a key to athleticism, so for them to do that for ninety minutes they must have some endurance.

    I also do not think that all soccer players are communists. I believe countries such as Sweden, Norway, Afghanistan (during the Taliban and now post-Taliban), and Iran have soccer teams. So throw in Socialists, Fundamentalists, and Theocrats as well.

    Here is my problem with soccer. You can not find someone who does not think that everyone is against soccer, such as our friend from Key West. I work with a guy who set up a club soccer team at school, he goes nuts when I joke that soccer is nothing more than a Euro-trash sport. Soccer is boring, that's another problem I have with it. I love defense, I like pitchers duels, I like good goalie (hockey goalie that is), and I love low scoring. Thing about it is, I can't expect low scores all the time in Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball. But I do expect to always see a 1-1 game that is decided in a shootout.

    As far as Freddie Adu goes, I think my point that he is 15 and has a contract with a major league 'sport.' Isn't Freddie Adu the same kid who said that he wanted a smaller contract with the MLS because he wanted to help soccer catch on in the United States? How is that working for you?

    I'm sorry if I choose not to watch Argentina versus Chile. I am sure that is a real clash of the soccer titans, but I'm fine with not watching it. I'm also not sure what exactly is high school and amateurish about a funny picture. But I do think it is high school and amateurish to use the word 'fuck' a lot to voice your opinion about the lack of soccer coverage.

    As I can recall, Alan was looking for someone to write about college football. I love college football, much like all sports, and I do know some things about college football so here I am. If there are so many soccer stories out there, then write about it. Email But don't get pissy because you can't take a funny picture. One other thing, what bullshit will exactly be fucked?

    Monday, December 13, 2004

    Pedro's last World Series trophy Posted by Hello

    Whatever happened to Gerald Williams? Posted by Hello

    Is this what the Mets get for $50 million? Posted by Hello

    Pedro on the Mets!

    I wish Pedro retired on the Red Sox. In his prime, his games were the best pitched games I've ever seen. It was a perfect blend of power, location, cunning, and some intimidation. I also always enjoyed hearing and reading his interviews; they were always intelligent and witty, even when he was being a Diva. The Sox winning the World Series makes Pedro leaving much easier. He's not like Boggs or Clemens who played so well but left before winning.

    As for the Mets, they gave him too much money and too many years; his shoulder problems could come back in April and his career could be over. Of the next 4 years, there's a very good chance an injury could keep him out for at least half a season. However, the Mets are a desperate team, and I guess they think it's a risk worth taking. If he stays healthy he'll be a Cy Young caliber pitcher. While he'll enjoy pitching against weaker National League lineups, he'll miss the Red Sox great lineup and great bullpen. Another plus for the Mets is the publicity. Lately no one has cared about the Mets, now the New York media must be salivating -- I can't wait to read the papers tomorrow.

    Back to the Sox, with Pedro leaving they have some money to play with. The Godfather was right a couple of weeks ago when he said they need some young pitchers. So, what do the Sox do? Sign 42-year-old David Wells to join 38-year-olds Tim Wakefield and Curt Shilling. Epstein is supposedly rebuilding the farm system -- the Sox need some pitching prospects now. All the other free agent pitchers are question marks. There's also the possibility of a trade (maybe for Tim Hudson), but I don't want the Red Sox to ruin their farm system just for a quick fix.

    The year Roger Clemens left, the Red Sox gave too much money to Steve Avery. Luckily, a year later they were able to land Pedro. My point is don't make a trade or a signing just to make fans happy. Even if it means waiting a season, you're better off being patient to make the right move, not the first available move.

    Good luck batting against the Yankees in interleague play Pedro.

    Charlie Weis coaching Notre Dame

    I like Charlie Weis, but I never liked the Irish (the football team I mean, please take no offense Bono, Ted Kennedy, leprechauns, etc.)

    First, Notre Dame's perspective: As Weis worked his way up he was successful at everything he touched. When he was a receivers coach Terry Glenn has his best year, when he was a tight ends coach, Ben Coates had his best seasons. Then, in the Bledsoe/Brady year, the quarterback coach died, they didn't replace him, so Weis ended up doing a lot of work with Brady. We know how that worked out.

    I see Weis's strengths being developing talent and recruiting. If I'm a high school star, I'd be impressed with a coach who has Super Bowl rings and developed pro talent. Weis will be telling several recruits, come to Notre Dame and you'll be drafted in the first round. His NFL connections mean a lot.

    There are some questions about Weis. Some in New England have been critical of his play calling, saying he's too reckless. Also, he has NO head coaching experience, so we don't know about his organizational skills, and how he'll handle the press and distractions. He does sound like Parcells in press conferences though.

    Bottom line, Weis will make Notre Dame a top 20 team. They have recruiting restrictions -- unlike other college programs I believe Notre Dame requires that their players can read. I don't know if he'll overcome those restrictions to make Notre Dame national champs in the near future.

    From the Patriots perspective: I don't think this will be a major distraction. Players knew he or Crennel would probably leave, so they shouldn't be surprised. Game planning on the other hand could be a problem. Fans are lead to believe that all NFL coaches work 20 hours a day getting ready for Sunday. Weis will be doing Notre Dame work in his "free time." Maybe he can sleep during the games. Notre Dame distracting Weis from game planning is a legitimate concern.

    As for next year, the Pats have a replacement for defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel ready (Eric Mangini) and, of course, Belichick is deeply involved in the defense. The Pats offense seems to be run completely by Weis. No one knows who is replacement will be, and a bad offensive coordinator can ruin a team. However, having Brady around makes me less nervous.

    One last thing, the Pats should be happy Weis is going to the NCAA instead of another NFL team. For one, I'd be nervous if he coached the Dolphins; he knows everything about the Pats and some Patriots might try to join him. Remember what Parcells and Belichick did to poor Bledsoe and Pete Carrol.

    Another last thing, Belichick gets a lot of good information from college coaches who used to coach for him. For example, Randal Gay is now a competent starting cornerback for the Pats. He was a backup for LSU who had some injury problems. How did Belichick know to take a chance on him? The head coach of LSU, Nick Saban, who used to coach for Belichick told him to. Weis will basically be another scout for Belichick.

    So, good for Charlie, good for Notre Dame, hopefully not so bad for the Pats. Now let's see if Crennel can get a job.

    Guest Author Bryan Random Thoughts

    Before I forget, thanks for someone mentioning that I forgot about Eddie Murray. A terrific hitter, and one of the best of the past generation. Tough to make a point when you forget somebody as good as Murray. So thanks for mentioning that.
    Matt Leinart is your Heisman Trophy winner. I'm not a big Leinart fan, I think he is a very good college football quarterback, but do not expect much out of him in the NFL.
    East coast bias? Wasn't that a comment coming from someone in Key West, Florida??
    Speaking of that same guy, so how is that soccer explosion in the United States going for ya? I thought Freddie Adu was suppose to make soccer huge in America. I think the last time I heard something about Freddie Adu was a year ago.
    Nice try Alan, Pierce for Chandler and Hinrich?
    Speaking of my Bulls, sorry I have a Midwest Bias, could I get a little consistency over here? You blow out King James, get your ass kicked by the Answer, then beat K.G. Now you got the Mavs on Monday, lemme guess, down by 30 before half-time?
    One more Bulls thing...HIT YOUR DAMN FREE THROWS!!!!
    More Chicago - At least now nobody will think that the Bears can make the playoffs.
    Charlie Weiss will not win more than four games with the Irish
    I'm trying to figure out which one will happen first. The University of Illinois will win a Big 10 game on the road, or new head coach Ron Zook will not pronounce the 's' in Illinois.

    Guess the Athlete!

    Answer on Friday Posted by Hello

    Quick NFL Thoughts

    • Bengal fans should be very excited about their future. Good coach, possibly great quarterback, good receivers, and a good running back. Before yesterday, the Pats were completely outplaying teams. The Bengals played just as well as the Pats, sometimes better, but the Pats made the big plays.
    • Carlson Palmer looks like the type of quarterback who will make plenty of big plays in the future.
    • Okay, the Bengals were good, but the Pats defense needs to play much better.
    • Last week I wrote about the importance of Daniel Graham and the Pats running game. He didn't play yesterday and the Patriots did not run well against a weak run defense.
    • Poor Jeff Wannstadt is a bad announcer too.
    • Why does it always seem that it's the Jets who are always fooled by trick plays?
    • Patrick Ramsey is this weeks nominee for dumbest quarterback in the league. His team in tying field go range he throws a prayer which two Eagle defenders end up fighting for.
    • Troy Brown leads the Patriots in interceptions.

    Sunday, December 12, 2004

    Kobe/Malone becoming a soap opera

    Read this link: Kobe's Wife at the Center of Malone-Bryant Feud? At the Staple Center, I guess the Mailman was allegedly trying to deliver his package to Kobe's wife.

    ...Malone, wearing cowboy boots and a hat, eventually took the child to Vanessa.

    Malone hugged Vanessa, and then Vanessa asked — as Manley recounts this part of the story — "Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?"

    "She said it twice," Manley said, "and Karl answered the second time, 'I'm hunting for little Mexican girls.' "

    Vanessa then later told Kobe that Malone had come on to her, and said several inappropriate things. She also told Bryant that she had called Malone's wife and asked Kaye to get her husband away from her. This is when Kobe got mad, calling Malone and yelling while Malone was relatively silent, never denying the allegations.

    Bryant, the article proclaims, preferred to keep the story out of the press but the New York Post reported this week that Malone was seen giving Vanessa a big hug, and then "somehow Malone managed to cross Vanessa" and got on her "frosty side."

    Saturday, December 11, 2004

    David Wells is coming to Boston!

    Hey Homer, I'm worried about the beer supply. After this case, and the other case, there's only one case left! --Barney (ie. David Wells) Posted by Hello

    Jeff Fisher's job in jeopardy?!?

    Here's the link to the Houston Chronicle story: Titans would be wrong to let go of Fisher

    As you may have noticed, I have a low opinion of many NFL coaches. Fisher isn't one of them. His teams play smart and tough, and they don't let adversity bother them. Plus, I like the type of coach who has the guts to do on-side kicks in the first half.

    There are many NFL teams that are praying Fisher gets fired because which ever team he coaches next will definitely improve.

    I can't keep up

    As I was doing my previous post, Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe reported that Edgar Renteria will sign a four year deal with the Red Sox, and Carl Pavano signed a four year deal with the Yankees. Obviously, both are good deals for each team. The Red Sox supposedly have a star shortstop prospect, Hanley Ramirez, that is a year away. Maybe they'll trade him for a pitcher (Randy Johnson or Tim Hudson). Or Ramirezz might just change positions.

    MLB Free Agency

    Some thoughts on recent signings.

    David Wells, Red Sox - The first thing I thought when I heard this is that the Sox believe that either Pedro, Arroyo, or Pavano will not be in the starting rotation next year. I'm guessing this means Pavano will end up on the Yankees. As for Wells, e-mailer Brian wrote "Why, besides a good postseason record,would anyone want David Wells? He's fat,drunk,and the most out of shape athlete I've seen."

    They gave Wells way too much money. He could be good but it's just too big of a risk for that type of investment. Supposedly, he got into shape last year, and he has the type of ego which usually makes players successful in a market like Boston. Then again, fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

    Jarret Wright, Yankees - The Yanks have been burned by their recent trades for and signings of young pitchers. Wright was a bit of mess in Cleveland, then the Braves straightened him out like they seem to do with all pitchers. It's the right idea for the Yanks to go after a young pitcher, but there's a chance he could follow the Jeff Weaver tradition, I hope.

    Woody Williams, Padres - This is the type of signing I like -- a one year deal to a veteran that should bring stability to a staff with good young pitching. And if it doesn't work, it's just one year.

    Al Leiter, Marlins - See above post. Another good signing but I thought he would get a better contract than Wells. Maybe the teams with money think he should be a full time announcer.

    Denny Reyes, Rudy Seanez, Padres - If I'm a midmarket team, these are the types of players I'd go after. They'll either help you become a winning team, and if they don't, contending teams will give up good prospects for them late in the season. Example: the Astros getting Bagwell for journeyman reliever Larry Anderson.

    Matt Mantei, Red Sox - A one year deal so if it doesn't work, it won't kill you. If it does work, wow-- a starter gives the team 6 innings, Timlin and Embree in the 7th, Mantei in the 8th, Foulke in the 9th.

    Vinny Castilla, Nationals - Worst free agency signing of this offseason.

    Friday, December 10, 2004

    Let's think of Paul Pierce trades

    I only saw highlights of last night's game, but I saw enough of Tony Allen that Iwant him to have major minutes. I've already made my opinions about Pierce; it just looks like he won't fit in with the future of the C's despite his talent. Trading him may hurt the Celtics this year, but I'm excited about this year's rookies. I want them playing major minutes.

    We can worry about the salary cap later, but I'm thinking about packaging Pierce with Gary Payton. Teams should want GP because he's a veteran and his contract ends at the end of the year.

    I'm struggling with what type of value those two players. Could the Kings possibly give up Bibby? Could the Bulls package Hinrich and Chandler? How about Jason Kidd or Baron Davis?

    I need more ideas. I already said Paul Pierce may become Boston's next Drew Bledsoe, but a more accurate comparison will hopefully be Nomar, after a good trade.

    Thursday, December 09, 2004

    Answer to guess the Athlete

    Former Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel. If your favorite player wins the Heisman this weekend, don't get too excited.

    To order the album and hear samples, go to Posted by Hello

    Poor Nomar

    A few years ago Nomar was putting up hall of fame numbers, and Sox fans were mentioning him in the same breath as Yaz and Williams. Then he has some injury problems, has a terrible post season, rejects about $60 million, and gets hurt again. After being traded away, the team he worked so hard for goes on to win the World Series without him.

    I liked Nomar until last year. Some say he never recovered from his wrist injury, others thought teams were figuring out how to pitch to a guy who swings at the first pitch every time. Then there's the rumor of steroids. Forget the growth of Barry Bonds. Compare Nomar's rookie year body to his SI cover body. Not much has been said about Nomar and steroids because people generally like him, but if his names pops up in some scandals I wouldn't be surprised.

    What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Nomar now gets a one year deal for "only" $8 million. Looks like a good deal for the Cubs and if Nomar has a great year, he might get a big contract next year, but he'll never be offered $60 million again.

    Sonics and Suns, 16-3

    • The Sonics just ended San Antonio's 21 game home win streak and is now 16-3. I guess it's time for me to find out who else is on this team besides Ray Allen.
    • Phoenix is also 16-3. Thank you Steve Nash. The best way to make a team a contender is to get a star center. Since there's only about two of those, the next best thing is to get a good PASSING point guard. Do you think Amare Stoudemire's happy with Nash as a teammate? He's averaging five more point per game and his shooting percentage has risen from 47 to 56.

    Bad signing for team and player

    The Diamondbacks signed Troy Glaus to a $45 million contract!

    Bad for the Diamondbacks. This team couldn't afford Curt Schilling so they basically gave him away. Now they can afford an overpriced third basemen? How many championship teams are built around third basemen? Glaus strikes out a lot, played only 58 games last year and batted .254. The Angels, who haven't been cheap lately, forfeited a chance to gain a first round draft pick by not offering him arbritation. So a well financed team is afraid to take on one year of Glaus with an arbritation contract, yet a financially struggling team offers the same person $45 million. There's better ways to spend the money.

    Bad for Troy Glaus: Glaus is leaving a well managed team with talent to go to a poorly managed team (they don't even know how to do background checks when hiring managers) that's giving away its best player (Randy Johnson). Troy either really loves golf or no other team offered him anywhere close to $45 million.

    Another good sports parody site

    Here are some headlines from this week's The Brushback.
    • Eli Manning Demands Trade to San Diego Chargers
    • San Francisco Chronicle Reveals Barry Bonds' ATM Password
    • Unsexy Female Tennis Player Booed Off The Court
    And don't forget

    • Peyton Manning found strangled to death in his house ... Only clues are two Isotoner gloves
    • George O'Leary turns down Notre Dame

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Sorry soccer fans. Couldn't resist. Posted by Hello

    Happy, happy Hanukkah, drink gin and tonnica

    Good holiday present for Yankee fans. Posted by Hello

    'Cuse still can't shoot free throws

    I'll protect his identity, but I was told by a frequent poster that I shouldn't even bother thinking about college basketball because it's a foregone conclusion that Syracuse will win. Last night they lost to Oklahoma St. and shot 7-22 from the free throw line. Didn't they have the same problem in the 80's. A team that can't shoot 33% from the line won't be winning anything.


    Just read a Yahoo article about the injury of Steelers tight end Jay Riemersma:

    PITTSBURGH (Ticker) - A touchdown catch will cost Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Jay Riemersma the rest of the season and a chance to possibly play in the Super Bowl....

    It should say:

    PITTSBURGH (Ticker) - The Patriots will cost the Pittsburgh Steelers, including tight end Jay Riemersma, a chance to possibly play in the Super Bowl.

    Guest Writer Bryan on Barry Bonds

    It was said that, "Bonds is the best hitter of our generation." No, he's not. How about Tony Gwynn, or Paul Molitor?

    Benjamin Disraeli once said, "There are only three types of lies. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics." Let's look at Barry Bonds' statistics and see where he exactly lays in that statement.
    If you look at his career numbers you will see that his numbers peaked in the year 2000, his 15th season. Here are Barry Bonds' stats in the 14 years prior to the 2000 season. 2010 hits, 445 home runs, 1299 RBI's, a .288 career average, .407 on base percentage, and a .561 slugging percentage. Those my friends, are hardly Hall of Fame numbers.

    Let's now look at the previous five years for Barry Bonds. 720 hits, 258 homeruns, 544 RBI's, a .339 batting average, .535 on base percentage, and a .782 slugging percentage. Those are Hall of Fame Numbers. But you are talking about a guy that averaged 32 homeruns in his first 14 years, and 51 over the next five.

    I did all of that with a simple calculator, these are not that hard to find out. Bonds has used steriods, and just because everyone else may come forward to admit it, does not make it any less of an offense. That is what I used to say when my parents caught me smoking, everyone else is doing it, why can't I?

    I agree with the Godfather, kick him out of the game, he is no longer needed. Bonds is a pud, plain and simple.

    I actually agree with Kobe!!!

    Karl Malone's having a hissy fit because Kobe hurt his feelings when he said,

    "It's not really fair to hold it over the guys' heads that are here," Bryant said. "The guys that we have here are working hard, practicing hard every day. It's kind of tough for them to be looking over their shoulder, wondering if he's going to come back and then everybody is going to disappear.
    "They are here giving me 110 percent. It's really not fair for us to sit around and speculate how long this is going to go on. I mean, you can't sit up here and speculate for the remainder of the season whether or not he is going to come back. I mean, that's not fair to the guys that are working here."

    Just make a decision Karl, are you gonna come back to throw some more cheap shot elbows and to turn the ball over on the most important possesion of your career or not?

    Where was he four years ago?

    Someone asked Tommy Heinson what he thought of the Celtics' slow start. He said that it wasn't bad considering that six of their players were younger than 22. After all, they're just kids.

    The problem is Celtic veterans play like kids too. Paul Pierce never played with an All Star veteran, so a person that he would respect never told him to shut up, to stop whining, to actually pass, etc.

    This year Gary Payton's saying something: ``He needs to make some changes, but it's been like four years that he's been taking those type of shots and stuff like that,'' Payton said. ``Now he has to understand that that's got to go. He's getting a little deeper into his career - he's more than seven years deep - and those shots are not going to make it for you. You can be the man here scoring 20 or 30 points, but you're not going to win basketball games, you know what I'm saying? He's going to learn. I think he's going to have to learn the hard way. It's going to take somebody like myself to keep talking to him, but he'll get the picture. I know he doesn't feel good after these games. I know he doesn't. So he's going to look at it and he's going to figure out what's going on.''
    Asked how much easier Pierce's life would be if he'd tune in to the running game, Payton shook his head and rolled his eyes.
    ``A lot easier,'' he said. ``A lot easier because then he'll get more (wide-open) shots off penetration. If they keep seeing me penetrate, they're going to start sucking in. His man is going to start leaving. He's got to understand that. He's been so used to him on the ball, making tough shots and doing his thing. He don't understand it can put a lot more years on his basketball career if he gets these wide-open looks and doesn't tear his body up.''

    Hopefully, Pierce will listen.

    Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Guest writer Bryan's Heisman Preview

    First let me say this one thing, if you'll permit me...
    Cal got screwed. Plain and simple. Texas is not that great, and Cal is one of the best teams in the country right now. Furthermore, if your'e a purist like me, why pass over a Pac-10 team to put a Big 12 team in the Rose Bowl? Seriously..
    Let's get on with the Heisman Preview, I'll put up my finalists, different from most, then I will make my prediction
    Jason White, QB, Oklahoma
    Last year's Heisman Trophy Winner led the Sooners to a perfect 12-0 record, the Big 12 Championship and will lead them against USC in the Orange Bowl for the NCAA Championship. He threw for 2961 yards, had a 65% completion rate, and had 33 touchdowns compared to 6 ints. He threw 5 TD's against Texas A&M, but never really had a stellar game against any one team this season.
    Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
    He is a freshman, with over 1800 yards, 15 TD's, and nearly six yards a carry. He is the real deal, and if he stays for all four years, he'll win three Heisman's in a row, but he wont win it this year.
    Matt Leinart, QB, USC
    5 less touchdown passes than Jason White, but other than that their stats are almost identical. He is the quarterback on the number one team in the country, and possibly the national champion. He is a terrific quarterback that is only helped out by a beautiful offense. If you put him in a draft with Jason White, he will be picked first.
    Alex Smith, QB, Utah
    Again, stats comparable to White and Leinart, but threw 2 less INT's than the both of them. Overlooked because of the team and conference that he plays in, but factor this. He had a 210.5 QB rating against Texas A&M, better than what Jason White had against them. Another quarterback who has led his team to a perfect record and a BCS Bowl Game.
    Reggie Bush, RB, USC
    Do me a favor when you look at Reggie's numbers. Please factor in that every defense tries to stop him first. He is great on the ground, but may even be better out of the backfield recieving the ball. Perhaps the most overall talent there is in college football today. The number of things you can do with him is amazing.
    Those five are my finalists, but also factor in Aaron Rodgers, Cedric Benson, and Jason Campbell. I'm going back and forth on the two from Oklahoma. Many will not vote for Peterson because he is a freshman, but some will and I think it will split the vote with Jason White. Bush and Leinart will also split the vote, and because of that, I think the end result will be Alex Smith getting the Heisman. Too bad, because I think Reggie Bush should get the Heisman Award. But Alex Smith in the end, finally, Utah gets something.

    Monday, December 06, 2004

    A special holiday edition of Guess the Athlete!

    Answer comes on Friday Posted by Hello

    Speaking of steroids...

    E-mailer Brian asks if I'd vote Bonds into the Hall of Fame. He says "no," I'm reluctantly leaning towards "yes," but you may be able to change my mind. What do you think?

    Let's keep talking about steroids!

    Mike Lupica always write a good article even though he's annoying on Sports Reporters. Jason's crime: No juice in bat:

    Sheffield still has value to the Yankees. He is not damaged goods the way Giambi is. If it had been Sheffield talking and talking in front of that grand jury the way Giambi did - or Roger Clemens when he was a Yankee, Clemens being another guy who has at least been asked the question about steroid use - do you really think the Yankees would be lining up a battery of high-priced lawyers like blitzing linebackers to go after him?

    Giambi, a world-class dope about dope, is different. He's got knees made of matchsticks. He had that parasite, or whatever he had. He has a tumor on his pituitary gland, or so they say. He gave them a confession. And he hit .203.

    "Look," a good baseball source said yesterday, "there are no virgins in this whorehouse. The Yankees can't possibly expect anybody to believe they hadn't heard what everybody else had heard about Giambi and steroids, before they paid him all that money....

    NFL Thoughts

    • When calling a defense "great," don't just look at stats. More important than stats is coming up big when you need to. Baltimore's up by 17 going into the 4th. A "great" defense doesn't go on to give up 24 points.
    • The Jags are up two points with less than two minutes left and the Steelers have no timeouts. A "great" defense doesn't allow the Steelers drive for the winning field goal.
    • Speaking of the misuse of the word, "great," that's how ESPN was describing Fred Taylor's performance. On stats alone he wasn't great (27 attempts for 76 yards). And, like with defense, what you do in important situations is more important than stats. The Steelers have no timeouts right before the two minute warning. If Taylor runs for a first down on third and three the game's over. He didn't, he's not "great."
    • If Josh Scobee hit that 60 yard field goal to win the game that would have been great.
    • Sunday Night football announcers make me want to vomit.
    • Last week I was meaning to post something about the importance of the Denver San Diego game. I thought if Denver won, inexperienced San Diego might take a momentum hit and Denver good go on to win the division. I forgot Jake Plummer was involved.
    • Auburn QB Jason Cambell looks one hundred times smarter than Plummer.
    • I'm still not impressed with the Eagles. They have absolutely no competition.
    • Mike Sherman should have been fired last year just because of that one game against Philly. If I took stats on this, Sherman would be the league leader in causing me to say, "Why the Hell is he doing that?"
    • Sherman would lose to a four-year-old in Madden Football.
    • The NFC teams that would scare me the most in a Super Bowl probably won't make the playoffs. Carolina and Tampa.
    • Even when the Falcons win they don't look good. Vick is a great athlete. I don't know if he's a good quarterback.
    • From ESPN's Len Pasquareili: Pats erstwhile "nickel" defender Troy Brown, better known as a wide receiver, copped his second interception of the season on Sunday. That's as many interceptions as noted cornerbacks Sam Madison (Miami), Charles Woodson (Oakland), Ahmed Plummer (San Francisco), Mike McKenzie (New Orleans), Gary Baxter (Baltimore) and Donnie Abraham (New York Jets) have combined.
    • That commercial where Grandma is taking a photograph with a stapler: are we sure she's giving the family a hint to buy her a camera, or is she really senile?

    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Not smart Posted by Hello