Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cheers & Jeers

My draft recap with a reminder that I don't watch college football nor do I pay attention to draft previews.

Cheers: New York Jets

Let me get this out of the way. They avoided the glamour pick and ended up with the two highest rated offensive linemen. In the second round they took quarterback Kellen Clemens. On a night I couldn't fall asleep I heard a "draft expert" on the radio (the guy runs He said Clemens was the best quarterback in the draft, so the pick must be good.

The Jets need a lot of help so it made sense not to trade away a lot of draft picks and a top rated offensive tackle for Bush.

Cheers: Matt Leinart

Sure he lost millions of dollars by staying around USC for another year (although last year's bad elbow may have pushed him back). Also when the Jets passed on him, millions in endorsement money went away too. However, in a few years people forget where a guy was taken. Bottom line: Leinart's got a good coach and three great weapons at wide receiver and running back.

Jeers: Texas Houstons

They thought Mario Williams would help them the most and I won't argue with that. A smarter team would have taken better advantage of that number one spot.

Jeers: Denver Broncos

They traded up in the first round to draft a backup to a 31 year old quarterback. Let the quarterback controversy begin.

Jeers: Buffalo Bills

The players they picked may turn out to be fine, but all the "experts" say they drafted their first two guys way too early. Double-jeers to the Bills for drafting Brad Butler, a despicable cheap shot artist (see video).

Jeers: San Diego Chargers

The spent their number one pick on a guy who played as much as I did last year. Antonio Cromartie did look great in workouts. So did Tebucky Jones.

Jeers: NC State

You would think a team with three defensive linemen going in the first round would do better than a 6-5 record.

Cheers: Torry Holt

In the ESPN studio, he was cool with his shades, calm, well spoken, informed, and thoughtful.

Jeers: the rest of ESPN

Only Mel Kiper does his homework. The rest add nothing but mindless bluster.

Cheers: the Patriots

I'm mandated to compliment them. Tom Brady has several new weapons to play with. Garrett Mills of Tulsa will be a big contributor.

Cheers: Mel Kiper's hair

Stunning as always.


The Godfather said...

First, Mills is projecting to be a fullback. Not that means he will not contribute, just not as a TE. Maroney was a good pickup too. I was hoping he went to the Jets. Plus they got the top rated kicker.

Ron Jawarski also loved the Clemons pick. I really don't know anything about him, but when you hear Leinart has arm strength issues and you play half your games in the swirling winds of the Meadowlands, it was not a good fit.

One thing I liked what the Broncos did was get Javon Walker. They were a good team to begin with and Walker makes them better next year as opposed to drafting a player that may or may not turn into a contributor.

It's tough to rate a draft until 3 years down the road. We'll see.

Alan said...

From what I heard Mills is a receiving fullback like Centers or maybe an older Keith Byars

Patriotsy2k said...

Why are you dogging Tebucky Jones? He has huge in the '01 season, especially the playoffs. Now he is back, and will be in his 9th season.

Alan said...

Because he was a first round pick hyped to be a shut down corner and taken over other corners such as Patrick Surtain.

He ended up as an average to below average safety and a great special teams player. I expect more out of the 22nd player taken in the draft.

Patriotsy2k said...

Well, Alan, the 22nd pick in the draft was also out of position before Bill came to rescue the Patriots.

Alan said...

That's my point. Tebucky's size and workouts convinced the Pats he'd be a great corner, but they had no evidence of that from his college career.

Now the Chargers are making a similar gamble with Cromartie. At least corner is Cromartie's natural position.