Thursday, April 06, 2006

Enter the Godfather

The New York Sports Media
written by the Godfather

I've taken plenty of shots at the Boston sports radio hosts and the callers over the years. But this next topic that has been the "hot" topic in the NY airwaves tops anything that I have ever heard in Boston by a longshot on the ridiculous scale. We all know that Billy Wagner was signed by the Mets to a $43 million contract in the offseason. And we also know that the other NY team has a pretty good closer, except when he pitches against the Red Sox. Well, apparantly they both enter the game to the tune of "Enter Sandman." This is just completely unacceptable to the Yankee fans.

Wagner began using Enter Sandman 10 years ago when he was in Houston upon the suggestion of Jeff Bagwell. Rivera started using the song after Wagner. Actually the PA announcer at Yankee Stadium chose it for him and Rivera didn't even know who Metallica was. Well, Yankee fans are up in arms that this guy who plays for the Mets can come into NY and use the same song.

Regardless of the ludicrousness of this argument, this apparantly is all that Mike and the Mad Dog are discussing on the Fan. It even gained a little more momentum when Wagner came in and gave up a 9th inning HR and blew a save in a game that the Mets lost in extra innings. The obvious, but still clever, saying was Exit Sandman.

Well, this only proves the point that all NY fans are idiots.


Patriotsy2k said...

"Actually the PA announcer at Yankee Stadium chose it for him and Rivera didn't even know who Metallica was". Funny statement by the Godfather.
Is Mike and the Mad Dog the same guys I see every morning on ESPN2, "Mike and Mike in the morning"? They are Mike Golic, the ex-Brown, and Mike Greenberg, the ESPN guy.

Alan said...

They're different.

Found this on a message board:

...Wagner had taken a lighthearted approach to the "controversy" with Yankee fans over his shared music with Rivera. When teammates warned him during spring training that his "Enter Sandman" entrance music would rile Yankee fans, Wagner replied: "Nah, surely they're definitely brighter people than that."

"Oh, well," he concluded yesterday.

Wagner actually found the topic hysterical. He even called former teammate Jeff Bagwell, who picked the song for him in 1996, to tell the veteran Astro to check out the New York media accounts on the Internet.

"I can't wait to talk to Mariano because I know he's going to be laughing about it," Wagner said. "Honestly, this is funny. It's the funniest damn thing I've seen in my life. They said anything can happen in New York.

"Does he wear Nike or Reebok? Maybe I've got to change that, too. I think he wears black socks, too. I have to stop wearing those."

Even if Wagner would have considered changing music, he said there's no way he could now because it would seem like he's caving in to Yankee fans. Steve Trachsel joked that the Mets should play the early 1990s metal tune when each Met came to the plate.

The Godfather said...

Nice research there Alan. My original opinion was the exact same as Trachsel's that they should play it for every batter. Then I realized I was being as idiotic as Yankee fans.

It's a great feeling knowing that Yankee fans are getting a little annoyed because the "2nd rate" team in NY is taking away their attention.

Patsy2k (or your given name of ignoramous),
The Mad Dog is Chris Russo who ironically is a SF Giants fan. I forgot Mike's last name. The Fan was actually one of the sports stations that started the revolution of sports talk radio and these 2 hostst are pretty popular and have been doing it for a long time.