Friday, April 28, 2006

Man, people in Houston can drink!

How else do you explain them deciding on taking Mario Williams the night before the draft? Even if they didn't want Reggie Bush, they could have peddled that number one pick till tomorrow at noon and get a lot more than Mario Williams.

Len Pasquarelli has some thoughts:
Ladies and gentlemen, your Houston Texans, an outfit that might do better were Mr. Magoo executing its lottery selections. Hand out the darts, folks, and take cover. Even quarterback David Carr, throwing from his back, which is where he has been for most of his four seasons in Houston, has better aim than his bosses.


The Godfather said...

This leaves me very torn as a jets fan. The jets have many problems and can really use the 2 1st round picks and early 2nd round pick to draft players that can help them next year. But now it may be possible to get Bush for the 2 1st round picks and maybe a 3rd round pick. It would be a bad move by the Jets because they have so many holes to fill, but given the chance to get Bush, can you really pass it up?
I'd be happy if the jets got Ferguson at #4, a backup RB at #29 (Deangelo Williams or the guy from Minnesota) and then maybe a linebacker or defensive player with the 2nd round pick.

Alan said...

I guess it all depends on how much you believe in Bush. Fergusun and another 1st rounder would greatly help the Jets. But if Bush lives up to the hype and is the next Barry Sanders, then they look bad.

Then again, it's the Jets so they may use the first pick to take Marcus Vick.

The Godfather said...

Well, as good as barry Sanders was, his teams were never great. For once, it looks as if the jets made the right move by not trading. Bush will be a great player but the team is better with 3 players as long as they draft well.

I think the typical Jets draft would have taken Leinart at 4. Ferguson was a safe pick and the right pick.