Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mets in a nice stadium?

That just doesn't sound right. Looks like a nice park, and I love the idea to use Ebbets Field as an inspiration.

They still have that stupid apple right under the scoreboard

Plenty of room for scalpers

Carlos Beltran points to the seat of the one Mets fan who likes him.

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The Godfather said...

2009 is the year. This is one reason they have been going out and spending. They have their own TV station now and a new park on the way. These young players could be stars by then. Wagner will still be there. Pedro will finish the last year of his contract at the last year at Shea. I love the Ebbets Field idea. They are actually cutting down the seating capacity from 57,000 to 45,000 with wider seats and more leg room.

The Mets & Yankees are opening up new stadiums in 2009. The Giants are also building a new football stadium. The Jets were trying. I am not sure of where that stands or if they will still share a field with the Giants.

Guess the economy must be pretty good in NY.