Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not a good idea

I've seen umpires have hissy fits after a pitcher had the audacity to look dissapointed after a bad call. Complaining about umpires to the media and calling them hungover won't help Ortiz get those close calls. The words of David Ortiz:

''Last year was unbelievable," he said yesterday. ''The other day we're playing in Texas and I'm getting a strike 6-8 inches off the plate. The video shows it, everything I've been complaining about. All I do is hit, so that's all I care about...

...The umpires need to know we get paid a lot of money to perform out there. The fans don't come to the ballpark to watch them call balls and strikes. And I don't want to make it sound like all of them make bad decisions because there's one guy I can think of who has been perfect ever since I've been in the big leagues. Sometimes you make a ball or strike and I don't even look back. That's because the guy has a lot of concentration on what he's doing. But then there are some who might have a hangover from the night before and he screws you all day, just because he's not concentrating. He's not focusing...

...There's a bunch of good ones. I'm not telling you there's a bunch of bad ones, but it's always the same group that aren't [good]. I'm telling you, in this game people come to see the players. You never see commercials of umpires. You never see fans talking about umpires. You never see kids asking an umpire for an autograph. They are there to judge the game. That's one thing somebody has to let them know."

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