Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Rocket Reunion?

Written by Patriotsy2k

It now seems funny, when you think back to all
of those times the Rocket would come back to Fenway
- as an opposing pitcher - and he would get shamefully
booed by a boisterous crowd. All people saw were those
Yankee pinstripes and the greed that came with that
Toronto contract that he signed in late 1996. Nobody
in their right frame of mind would ever think that
this athlete - beloved by Red Sox fans for years -
would ever come back, right?

Well, it is becoming more and more realistic. Several
people close to Roger have mentioned that this will be
his last year - albeit a short one. Once school gets
out for the summer, Roger will probably sign with one
of these teams: Rangers, Astros, Yankees and Red Sox.
Since the Rangers won't be a contender this year, it
appears unlikely he will sign with Texas. And in Peter
Gammons ESPN Insider blog, he mentions that the Astros
simply do not want to "spend the coin for Roger Clemens."
They will stay with their rookie starters, and when the
Rocket signs elsewhere, he will be "painted as a

So this leaves Boston and New York. With the Yankees ready
to offer a blank check, and his "reverence for Joe Torre,"
it would immediately appear that the Yankees will land
him. Yet....for most of the reasons listed here in this
Gordon Edes Globe article about Al Nipper's influence on
the Rocket the Red Sox would almost have to fumble away
this public-relations gift from heaven. This reunion would
help out the Red Sox in so many different ways - on and off
the field. It would also give the Sox fans an unprecedented
opportunity to make amends with a departed superstar.
Besides the short-lived return of Bill Buckner in 1990, I
can not think of any other situation similar to this.

The Red Sox, in conclusion, will have a new franchise leader
in wins,and will have elevated themselves as a serious World
Series contender. Plus, they will be sticking it to the
Yankees again. My message to Al Nipper, the current Red Sox
pitching coach, is: "If it don't look promising, than please
go ahead and 'kidnap him'".

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The Godfather said...

I didn't read the Edes article so hopefully this was not mentioned. Roger was actually a little upset that the Yankees gave his number to Robinson Cano. Not that the money wouldn't make him forget about such a minor thing, but every little thing that can favor the Red Sox increases the chances of him returning to Fenway in a home uniform.
I think it is Boston or nothing for Roger personally. Schilling, Beckett, Roger with Papelbon closing and that offense. That would be very tough to beat. It is hard to imagine Fenway being more electric than it already is, but can you imagine what it would be like for his first home start if he came back? If you wouldn't get chills seeing that, you don't have a pulse.