Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where's my violin?

When I think of players who benefited from favorable officiating, the first guy I think of is Shaq. When I think of coaches who benefited from favorable officiating, I think of Pat Riley and the Knicks' thuggary. Needless to say, I'm not crying for these two:

In case you missed it, after a loss last Sunday to the Nets, in which Shaq was called for three early offensive fouls, O'Neal offered the following as to the way the game was called: ''When you've got a guy like Stu Jackson at the top, it shows why those referees are the way they are. It starts at the top."

Miami coach Pat Riley, who has been monitoring cases of what he sees as Shaq Abuse since O'Neal arrived in Florida, said the big guy had a legitimate beef. Riley then contacted Jackson and made his case, which he presented to reporters prior to the Heat's Thursday night loss at home to Detroit.

''I have real concerns, genuine concerns about post play and how he's being officiated," Riley said. ''And I went through each and every item and made a great case for it. And [Jackson] made his case for it and we left it at that."

Has the league finally decided to call it a foul when Shaq throws an elbow into his defender's face? Will Shaq actually need to make a post move to get a shot off instead of just bulldozing his defender?

I guess next we'll hear Barry Bonds complain about how steroids are ruining the integrity of baseball.

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