Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who's running this site, anyway?

You may have noticed I haven't posted much lately. When I started this site I wanted to post something everyday because I know how it's disappointing to visit a site that's rarely updated. At the same time I only wanted to write about stuff I cared about. And there's my problem -- I haven't cared about much in the sports world lately.

Recently, I'd rather watch tv, read a book, or enjoy the weather instead of writing about who deserves the NHL MVP (The fat guy in Nitendo Ice Hockey). That's bad news for the site. People go to because it has a lot of new material everyday, and when people click on the Sports link they expect to see something new there too. Without me updating, people will click the link less often.

I don't want to weaken the Bartcop Empire, so I need to find a way to get more new material on this site while allowing myself to continue being lazy.

In other words, I'm begging for new writers. I've always posted e-mails, but I'm now making it easier. Send me an e-mail to if you'd like to be a writer. You'll then become a team member, which means you can post whenever you'd like to without e-mailing me.

It's very easy to post on this site, you'll just need to register with (sorry Anonymous). Then you can write as often or as little as you like. Who knows what we'll get on this site -- soccer news, jai alai statistics, more curling, Yankee propaganda, more pictures, anything you want (as long as it's sports related).

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

p.s. The Guess the Athlete! tradition will continue,


The Godfather said...

It'd be nice to get weekly columns from participants which would lessen your effort.
I'll try and throw an NHL playoff preview up this weekend. I didn't watch much hockey all year until the last couple of weeks (I got the HNL Center Ice package free with my MLB Extra Innings). I can probably sound somewhat intelligent about the Eastern Conference.
A Boston sports fan will appreciate that NY Ranger Jagr on the last day of the season lost the Goals title, overall scoring title and the Rangers also lost the division falling to a #6 seed and facing the hottest team in the NHL going into the playoffs, the Devils.

daudder said...

More barry Bonds. 522 OBA. Amazing. They won't pitch to the guy. Steriods = walks, I guess.