Monday, May 29, 2006


Patriotsy2k said...

That guy from the US Soccer team, getting ready to beat the Czechs in the 1st round!

The Godfather said...

Brian McBride from the New England Revolution.
I read a story today that Ronaldo, a top player for Brazil, who currently plays in Europe (Real Madrid?) wants to play in the US before his career is over. Ronaldo is currently 29 years old, but turned down a contract from the New York Red Bulls (darn corporate America taking over the MLS). How much was the contract? 10 years for $120 million. He has more he wants to accomplish in Europe, a much more sophisticated league with many more sophisticated players. Basically, he wants to take advantage of the weak MLS who has been looking for a top notch star and come here when his abilities have significantly diminished. Maybe he should join the NY Yankees pitching staff.

Ronaldo, I say this to you. Stay where you are. We don't want you.

Alan said...

You both got the sport right and the gender right (way to go Patriotsy2k), but you got the wrong player and the wrong country.