Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fixed games

Whenever someone suggests that a game is fixed, they're accused of being naive and a conspiracy nut. There's no way a professional league could have fixed games! Well, how will these doubters explain this?

Former general manager of Italy's top soccer team questioned in scandal

Prosecutors contend that Moggi -- nicknamed "Lucky Luciano" -- created a system that decided which referees should officiate Juventus games, which players should be selected for the national team and even which players should be disciplined during games.
I know, it's just soccer, but I hear soccer's kinda big in Europe. So we know games have been fixed in Europe. We also know that professional athletes, NHL players most recently, have been caught dealing with gamblers. And I'm just mentioning the people who got caught.

So is it really naive to suggest that some American games have been fixed? Does Lucky Luciano know Dick Bavetta?

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