Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Patrioty2k got Guess the Athlete! correct which is news in itself. Listerplus added some information that's worth posting again:
Here's some useless Franco trivia: The man entered the 2006 season with 3,921 base hits in all his stops in professional baseball.

The rundown:

618 hits in the minors as a Phillie farmhand.

2,521 hits in the majors with the Phils, Indians, Rangers, White Sox, Brewers and Braves.

316 hits in the Mexican League with the Mexico City Tigres(138 with a .423 batting average in 1999 and 178 with a .437 mark in 2001).

286 hits in Japan with the Chiba Lotte Orions (145 in 1995 and 141 in 1998).

156 with Samsung of the Korean League in 2000.

16 in six Division Series appearances with the Indians and Braves, six more in the 2001 NL Chamopionship Series and two more in his All-Star Game appearances.

Will he get to 4,000 before the season is over as a Met?
The Godfather also added that the Mets have Franco for another year and that he wants to play until he's 50.

I may as well add a tidbit too: In 1982 Franco was teammates with Hall of Fame pitcher Steve Carlton and Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt. Now he's teammates with future Hall of Fame pitchers Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine and potentially future Hall of Fame third baseman David Wright.

One more step: Franco was also teammates with Pete Rose who's rookie season was 1963. 22-year-old David Wright may play to 2026. That's a range of 63 years. Forget Kevin Bacon, let's play 6 Degrees of Julio Franco.

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