Wednesday, May 31, 2006

He's back

On the same day I learn that there's a new Garfield movie, I learn that Roger Clemens has re-signed with the Astros. Unlike Garfield's return, the return of Clemens to the Astros is a smart one.

If Clemens won a World Series playing for the Red Sox, it would be a special moment. If he won with the Yankees, he would surely enjoy winning again with teammates and a manager who he loved playing with. However, with those temptations comes way too much risk.

With or without Clemens, it will be very difficult for the Sox or Yanks to win the World Series. However, with Clemens, fans would expect their teams to win the Series, so when they don't win Clemens would be the one taking the blame. Even if Clemens lost a playoff game 2-1, Yankee fans and Boston fans would blame him and complain about the money the team wasted on him. The other problem Clemens would face in the American League is the better lineups. Clemens wouldn't be putting up an ERA below 3.00 in the American League.

So Clemens gets his money, a chance to play with his son, and he gets to stay at home without the pressure of New York or Boston. Sounds like a good deal to me.


The Godfather said...

From today's Boston Globe. I found this to be an interesting scenario.

Still a chance to get him? Roger
One major byproduct of the work the Red Sox did in the Roger Clemens sweepstakes is that they are now the top team in line for his services should the Astros fall out of the pennant race. The possibility has been discussed in the Clemens camp and with the Sox. The Astros are the worst of the four teams Clemens was considering. It would take a prospect or two in trade, but Clemens-to-Boston might not be over.

For Nick Cafardo's full piece.
There's a nice piece on Tom Glavine.

Alan said...

I'd aay there's a 1% chance of the Astros trading Clemens to the Sox. If Clemens just wanted to win he wouldn't have signed with Houston, so he won't be pushing for a trade and it would take a Godfather offer (Lester, Hansen and more) for the Astros to take the pr hit of getting rid of Clemens. I don't see the Sox doing that.

Good piece on Glavine. Didn't know he was that durable.

The Godfather said...

I doubt they trade him either, but Houston has the 3rd highest payroll now for a .500 team. If they don't turn it around and it is the end of July, I think trading him is a win-win. They save money and get something for him. Unless they make the postseason, Clemens is useless to the team. Plus, he may ask for a chance to win if he has no chance with Houston.

It is obviously dependant on what Houston does from now until the end of July.

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