Saturday, May 20, 2006

One of the best NBA series ever

This past season in the NBA, I took more interest in "Happy Days" and "Perfect Strangers" reruns. Then the playoffs came, and since they are usually entertaining, I decided to follow the different series. I used to cherish this time of the year - because of the NBA playoffs - yet this year I went into it without much thought.
The 1st round had a couple of memorable series. Suns-Lakers and Cavs-Wizards were very good. Yet this round has been unbelievable, with 3 of the series now going to a 7th Game. People will eventually forget the Pistons-Cavs series, as Detroit will win and the Cavs will be remembered as annoying pests that wouldn't go away. The Suns and Clippers have battled and fought their way towards the Western Conference Championship, yet neither team will win the NBA Title. Still a great series, nonetheless.
This leaves the Spurs-Mavericks clash. I have been following the NBA playoffs since the early 80's, and I can think of two series that have been more entertaining and competitive than this. The '87 Celtics-Pistons Eastern Finals, and the epic '94 Knicks-Bulls 2nd round series.
This years series has two teams loaded with talent that play until the final horn. Every game - except for the 2nd - has been close and been decided on the last shot. The two teams primary superstars - Duncan and Nowitzki - are likable players that have been born outside the US. You have a player in Michael Finley, who is quietly giving his former team (the Mavericks) a major headache. And then there are games 3 and 4, both in Dallas. Game 3 had one of the most peculiar endings I have ever seen, with Mashburn's free throw attempts. Then in game 4 everyone saw a classic overtime game, with Nowitzki being aided by Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse to hold off Tim Duncan's sidekicks of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.
Of course, everything I have mentioned compares nothing to the actual games. If you have missed this series, then I recommend you go to, and then watch Game 7. I cannot wait until Monday night to see the climactic series finale, which will probably be another fast-paced battle that most people have been enthralled with.
If anyone reading this can mention a better series in the history of the NBA, please feel free to. I welcome the opportunity to further defend this series as one of the all-time greats.

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Alan said...

I agree with Patsy2k's assesment of the Dallas series. The more you watch Tim Duncan the more you appreciate him, and both teams are well coached.

One correction,it was Stackhouse not Mashburn (former Guess the Athlete! superstar) with the bizarre free throw attempt. Are Jimmy Jackson and Jason Kidd contributing too?