Thursday, May 18, 2006

What if?

The real sports world hasn't been inspiring me to write much, so now I'll try to write about changing the past. Here's my first "What if?" installment:

What if the Patriots matched the Jets' offer for Curtis Martin?

With a running game, Pete Carroll's offense becomes more successful and Drew Bledsoe becomes a better quarterback. Meanwhile, without Martin, Parcells and all of is assistants who later became head coaches are a little less successful.

Ultimately though, the Jets' coaching staff would still be superior to the Patriots. The Patriots would have more short term success and maybe even have a trip to the Super Bowl. Therefore Pete Carroll would have lasted longer with the Patriots and Bill Belichick possibly ends up coaching the Jets.

Belichick leads the Jets to multiple Super Bowls because even with Curtis Martin, Bledsoe can't get past Belichick's defense. Meanwhile, Tom Brady gets drafted by another team with a coach too short sighted to give him a chance. He ends up in the CFL with an inferior girlfriend.

Thank you Bobby Grier for not matching the contract offer.


Patriotsy2k said...

Does Belichick join the Jets in the early part of this decade, if Parcells is still there? I thought that was the big reason why he didn't want the Jet coaching job.
Does Scott Pioli get hired by him in Jetland? And what about the assistants (Crennel and Weiss)? Do they also stay there?
Big questions there. I also don't think just Curtis Martin brings them back to the Super Bowl. They weren't drafting well in the late 90's and were getting weaker every year.

Alan said...

I have no proof for this theory, but I think Parcells quit coaching the Jets because he wanted to make it tougher for the Pats to get Belichick.