Thursday, May 25, 2006

What if?

Barry Bonds decided to never use "flax seed oil."

Before Bonds turned into the Incredible Hulk, he was arguably the best player in baseball. Without enhancements Bonds would not have the power numbers (over 500 HR instead of over 700), but he would still have that great OBP. Steroids, I mean alleged steroids, didn't help Bonds create his incredible plate discipline. I still love watching him calmly work a pitcher waiting for that perfect pitch.

Another thing to factor in is the quick recovery time that steroids allow. Many players go through slumps and start to struggle just because they become worn down as the season goes on. Would that have happened to Bonds? On the flip side, a clean living Bonds may not have had the severe injuries he's been fighting through over the last two years.

Overall, Bonds without steroids would have been considered one of the game's greatest players, and he and baseball would not have had to suffer through this embarrassment. And his head would be smaller.

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