Saturday, May 06, 2006

You can always count on Philly fans

Philly fans gave Barry Bonds a tough time. Excerpts:
...With Bonds in left field, fans in the bleachers behind him chanted "Just retire" and "Just inject me." A long banner in left field read: "Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer." Many carried signs that had simple asterisks on them.

One guy wore a fat suit that was supposed to represent Bonds with the Giants, while his skinny friend was the pre-pumped Bonds with the Pirates...

...An obese man wearing a sleeveless cut-off T-shirt yelled: "Barry, your head is shrinking."

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Anonymous said...

Ruth did it with a baseball wound tigher than previous, and with pitchers who grew up throwing mush balls. Ruth was a great, no doubt, but it wasn't beer and hot dogs alone.