Sunday, June 25, 2006

20 long years

After my Len Bias post there was a discussion about how much his death impacted the Celtics. Peter May must have read the discussion because he wrote about thee last 20 years of some pretty bad decision making.

If that article doesn't depress Celtics fans enough, don't forget to read the insert.

Here's my summary of the article: Len Bias, Reggie Lewis, Michael Smith instead of Tim Hardaway, Alaa Abdelnady, Acie Earl, ML Carr, Rick Pitino, ping pong balls, Chris Mills, Pervis Ellison, Travis Knight instead of Rick Fox and David Wesley, Vitaly Potapenko instead of Shawn Marion, Kedrick Brown, Joseph Forte instead of Tony Parker, and Vin Baker (whom the Celtics are still paying).

In case Celtics fans haven't thrown up, Peter May has this Reggie Lewis reminder:

``Next to Michael Jordan, he was the most unguardable player in the league," Smith said. ``People always used to rip my defense. Well, that's because every day in practice I either had to guard Larry Bird or Reggie Lewis. No one could do that."

Agreed Dee Brown, who was Gavitt's first draft pick in 1990, ``When he died, he was without question the second-best 2-guard in the league. How do you recover from that?"


Patriotsy2k said...

I remember hearing about the Pippen-2 lottery picks trade. I read that Pippen rejected coming to Boston, which this article blames on Krause. Imagine what that fallout would have been like, with those stakes.
I never heard of Leo Papile, yet I am sure he tried everything he could do to turn things around. When you succeed Pitino's debacle, it is very hard. Anyone remember who Ron Mercer, Pitino's boy, was traded for in '99?
Don't forget also that Bird had a big front office position in the early 90's, after his retirement. He knew his days were numbered when the y signed Dominique Wilkins after the '94 season. Not a very smart move by management (without even telling Larry) trying to rebuild.

Alan said...

Leo Papile was brought in by Pitino and he was behind some of the bad decisions.

Mercer was traded for Danny Fortson and Eric Williams. They let Fortson go and haven't had an enforcer since. How Mercer didn't become a star is still a mystery to me.

I thought the Pitino signing drove Bird out of the front office. He was already disgusted by Carr tanking the season. Bird was put in charge of the coaching search. He wanted Larry Brown and Brown wanted to sign. Brown told Pitino about the potential deal, so Pitino contacted Celtics ownership and ownership hired Pitino without telling Bird. Bird wisely soon left.