Thursday, June 22, 2006

And I thought I'd never hear the name Paxton Crawford again

Former Red Sox great, Paxton Crawford admitted to doing steroids and said they were "everywhere."

Imagine Crawford's career without steroids. Varitek and Wakefield are the only remaining Red Sox who played with Crawford (Wakefield's definitely on the juice). Here's Tim Wakefield's response to Crawford's admission: "No one forced him to take anything," Wakefield said. "I remember him not being too bright. That's what I remember about him."

Crawford's admission will now give Hall of Fame voters a really difficult decision.

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Patriotsy2k said... has a funny story about Paxton spilling his needles all over the locker room floor in 2000, and someone telling him to clean it up.
I dont really remember this guy. What I remember most about the 2000 team - besides stellar years by Nomar and Pedro - are the names Dante Bichette and Carl Everett. LEt's just say the Sox have come a long way since then..