Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bring on the Ghanarians

Watching the US play against Italy yesterday, I learned about red cards. Elbow a guy in the face causing a bloody mess and you get a red card, meaning your team is short a player and you can't play in the next game (good thing Shaq doesn't play soccer). It's a harsh penalty, but I understood it. Then I saw a guy get a red card for a late slide tackle. A late slide tackle gets the same harsh penalty that a viscous elbow to the head gets? Interesting.

I also learned about the incredible healing powers of soccer players. Several times I saw injuries so devastating that stretchers were required to get the players off the field. As I was getting ready to write a Get Well card and wondering about how good the hospital care is in Germany, the injured player miraculously ran back on to the field!

This misinformed soccer fan thinks that a player who needed a stretcher to get off the field should be required to sit out for at least 5 minutes before being allowed back in the game.

Anyway, there is some very good soccer discussions by people who actually understand the game at The Swamp. Here's the thread on the US, Italy game.

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The Godfather said...

I don't like to blame officiating for the outcome of any game, but that was disgraceful yesterday.
This also affects the US next game as the two players who received red cards willnot be eligible to play Thursday.
This official has a history of poor officiating and I think it is a safe assumption that he will NEVER officiate another World Cup match in his acreer.
To earn the tie with 9 players and still coem up with decent scoring opportuinities was impressive. Unfortunately, advancement is no longer solely in the hands of the US. Beating Ghana, who looked very good against the Czechs, is essential. Then Italy beating the Czechs is the most likely chance for the US to move on and play Brazil.