Saturday, June 10, 2006

Early World Cup Analysis

My analysis so far on the games.
Germany vs. Costa Rica: There was a lot of early action in this game with 3 goals being scored in the first 16 minutes. This game featured two of the nicer goals we will probably see in the Cup. The opening goal of the tournament by Lahm from Germany was a beautiful pull up and faded it off the post and in. Costa Rica tied the game quickly, but Germany bounced right back to take the 2-1 lead and then controlled much of the game from that point on. Frings from Germany added a late goal on a long shot that will be a highlight of the tournament.
One last comment is that the stadium in Munich is tremendous.

Ecuador vs. Poland: This was an upset, but in my opinion Poland is just over-rated. I would be shocked if Poland is able to pull out a win in this group and Ecuador has some speed and some punch. There was a fairly early goal (24th minute) and Ecuador was able to put the game away with a late goal. Delgado is an exciting player to watch and I am looking forward to watching the Ecuador-Costa Rica match. This match will most likely decide which team comes out of the group. Depending on what happens in the rest of the games, Costa Rica may have to play aggressively as they are 4 goals down in the goal differential tie breaker category after 1 game.

England vs. Paraguay: Another game with an early goal as England scored on a beautiful free kick from David Beckham that deflected off the head of Paraguay's Gamarra into the net. This was the first time a World Cup match ever ended 1-0 on an own goal. England's superiority in their midfielders showed as they controlled possession much of the match and Paraguay was not able to muster many scoring opportunities. Some notes are that Michael Owen was substituted for in the 56th minute as he is recovering from a knee injury and apparently is not at full strength to this point. The referees seemed to really center in on England's Peter Crouch as 7 fouls went against him. He received a yellow card for complaining to the referees which can come back to hurt him as he now much refrain from another yellow in the next 2 games or he will have to sit out a game.


Alan said...

I watched most of the England game. That poor tall skinny English guy was not having a good time with the refs. Was the Beckman goal a great shot or was it just luck that the opponent put it in the goal?

The goals in the Germany game were amazing, although I was watching in a bar room so I didnt know who Germany's opponent was until the next day.

Disappointed to see Sweden tie. I don't think it's fair that they had to play Trinidad AND Tobago. One country should be enough. The T&T goalie was great.

Patriotsy2k said...

Who wrote this original article?
I liked the Argentina game, and how well they play defense with their fast forwards. Ivory Coast also has fast strikers, and were able to put one in, with 10 minutes left. Argentina looked good, as well as Germany.
Looking forward to the US-Czech grudge match tomorrow. The US is very confident and motivated to surpass the '02 Quarterfinal finish. The Italians also start tomorrow, against some African country. That guy Toni is pretty good, from what I have read.