Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More soccer highlights

Haven't watched much of the World Cup lately, but here's a nice article from

Lack of yellow card miraculously heals soccer player’s broken leg

Moments after a slide tackle dropped him to the ground and left him writhing in pain with what seemed to be a broken femur or some other serious injury, Paraguayan midfielder Christian Riveros popped up and continued playing after referee Hans Kimmel failed to produce a yellow card.

“It’s amazing. I see it all the time in matches,” said Kimmel, a longtime referee. “I seem to have the power to heal serious injuries simply by deciding if the felled player was taken down legally or illegally. I can’t explain it, but I guess you could call me a miracle worker.”

Riveros said at first he thought he was going to die when he was lightly bumped from behind by an English midfielder in the first half of Saturday’s match.

“I felt my soul leaving my body. ‘Surely I am going to perish,’ I thought to myself,” said Riveros. “But as my soul was ascending up to the heavens, I looked down on my body and saw that the referee wasn’t going to make a booking, so I decided to go back into my body, get up, continue playing as though nothing happened and then try to draw a card later in the game by blatantly taking another fall.”

Here's the promised highlight.

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