Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mr. Wright, The Wright Stuff, Wright On, etc.

Wright, 23, was a first-round sandwich pick in 2001, the 38th player taken overall. He came into yesterday batting .337, with 19 doubles, 18 home runs, and 63 RBIs in 72 games.

``MVP," [Pedro] Martínez said.

When asked if Wright reminded him of a young Nomar Garciaparra, Martínez said: ``This one is a little more powerful than Nomar was. Nomar was a match, a lighted match. In some ways, yes, but at the same age, I think this guy is a little bit ahead of Nomar."


The Godfather said...

I love watching Wright play. He's had a great year and a lot of clutch hits.
Since some Boston fans will be seeing him for the first time (at least for a 3 game stretch), do yourself a favor and watch him hit with 2 strikes. It seems like he falls behind 0-2 half his AB's a game, but he goes the other way so well. He's not Wade Boggs with 2 strikes, but he is a great hitter.
He's obviously the Mets #3 hitter of the future. Right now Jose Valentin is hitting behind him at least until Floyd comes off the DL. I wish Willie would make the move now and put Beltran 5th.
Another great thing is that he is a likable player as are most young players.
It's unfortunate because he is the MVP type player and will possibly come in 2nd this year. As long as he plays in the same league as Pujols, he won't win many MVP's.
Another Met to watch is fellow 23 year old Jose Reyes. He has been on an unconscious streak lately. Wright and Reyes may split NL player of the month for June.

Patriotsy2k said...

Jose Reyes is the hottest hitter in baseball right now. I hope he cools down in time for this neat little interleague series in Boston.