Monday, June 26, 2006

NBA Draft Preview

This looks like a pretty weak draft. If I were a GM I'd try to trade my pick away for a veteran or even just some cap space. Supposedly there's 6 guys at the top before a talent drop off. Each player in the top 6, though, comes with question marks. Here's some of my question:

Darko or Dirk? Whenever there's a tall European who can shoot, he's compared to Dirk Nowitski while fans worry the player is another Darko Milicic. This year's tall European is Andrea Bargnani.

Ferry or Brand? Two Duke players will go in the first round. Will I get to celebrate another Duke bust? I'm guessing Redick could be a good guy off the bench to hit some threes. I wouldn't touch Sheldon Williams.

Who are the sure bets? From what I've read, Brandon Roy seems to be the best bet to contribute right away and even become a future All Star. Everyone seems to be role players or a "potential star."

Do those "potential stars" have any potential?
Mr. Potential Rudy Gay did nothing to excite me in his two years at UCONN. Taking him is like taking a high school kid. LaMarcus Aldridge had a terrible tournament and has been compared to Mark Blount; pass. Tyrus Thomas is a 6'8" power forward --a top ten pick for another Corliss Williamson?

Will the Phoenix Sun style of play catch on?
If it does, shooters become more important and this could really help Adam Morrison.

Who's most likely to slip? Tyrus Thomas -- he's too short, NBA teams are smart enough to look beyond a good tournament showing.

Who's might sneak up in the draft?
Patrick O'Bryant. Not only does he join Troy O'Leary in the black athlete with an Irish name club, but he's also a 7 foot center. NBA teams love taking centers early (Luc Longley, Joe Kleine, Bryant Reeves, and Nicholoz Tskitishvili say hello).

What can the Celtics do to throw my remote? Draft a shooting guard that can't shoot.

Who would I take with the number one pick?
Brandon Roy


The Godfather said...

thanks BartCop. I wouldn't have known the draft was tonight.

All's I can really add to this is.

Ger-rrry Ger-rrry Ger-rry

Yet another Syracuse graduate who won't get drafted or will never see action in a NBA game.

Bryan said...

Brandon Roy would look great wearing a Bulls jersey.

Patriotsy2k said...

Godfather, was Lawrence Moten drafted?

The Godfather said...

Lawrence Moten was not drafted, but he played a little in the NBA. I believe it was with Washington or maybe Denver. They signed him to a couple 10 day contracts and then I think maybe for the rest of that year.

You have to remember about SU players that unless you are a superstar like Carmelo or Coleman or even Sherman Douglas, they do not often suceed in the NBA because they are just learning to play defense on the NBA. The 2-3 zone has worked well for Jim Boeheim's career at Syracuse, but it definitely has held back some players from making it in the NBA because they play the zone 99% of the time in their college career.