Thursday, June 29, 2006

NBA Draft Review

I don't know much about the guys drafted last night, but if Stephen A. Smith can get on ESPN analyzing the draft and say that he hasn't seen much of Rudy Gay, then I figure I can get away with sharing a few thoughts.

Should have taken Roy or Foye: Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta. Toronto and Atlanta are the obvious ones; these teams need the best talent available instead of a project like Bargnani or a role player like Williams.

My thoughts on Chicago is they want to win now, so why take on a project -- especially when you know they'll have a top pick next year (thanks Isaiah)? The Bulls could have had immediate help with Roy or Foye and then trade Ben Gordon for a veteran big man.

Did next year's draft affect this year's draft?
Next year's draft is supposed to be loaded with talent. If the NBA didn't have their new high school rule, Greg Oden would have easily went first in the draft. Anyway, are teams like the Hawks and Raptors taking projects over players that can help them right away just to get a better chance at Oden? If so, they may want to give ML Carr a call.

Portland gave me headache. I love trades more than anyone, but Portland gave me an ice cream headache with all their trades. The Roy for Foye trade made my head explode.

Cash considerations shall not be traded again. There's something wrong with teams buying players and draft picks. I also don't like the excitement of hearing about a trade followed by the disappointment that it's just a money deal.

Why I watch the draft. "With the 20th pick in the 2006 draft, the New York Knicks select Renaldo Balkman." Knick fans at the draft are trying to compete with NFL Draft Jets fans.

How to get picked in the top 10. Just average about three points a game and the Sonics will draft you. If Mouhamed Saer Sene lasts more than 3 years in the NBA I will spend a year praising NBA refs on this site.

No J.J. Redick jokes here. Just some criticism. When he was shaking David Stern's hand, did Redick look like an NBA player? He's a scrawny guy who will get beat up on offense and defense. Redick can be successful hanging out in three point land and hiding on defense, but he'll need a great coach or some great teammates to make it work. Phil Jackson isn't coaching the Magic.

Players who I think may turn out to be pleasant surprises based solely on the highlights I watched last night: Quincy Douby, Thabo Sefolosha.

What about Gerry McNamara? He went undrafted. Denver, give Gerry a call a reunite him with Carmelo. And trade for Hakim Warrick too. Whatever happened to him?

Don't know what to think about the Celtics. Since it can't happen for a while I'll ignore the Iverson, O'Neal, Marion, and Garnett rumors for now and assume the players Ainge picked last night will play for the Celtics. Ainge listened to me and traded his pick away, so I should be happy. But then I heard Dick Vitale say Foye will be Dwyane Wade and then I read that Telfair was the third string point guard on the worst team in the NBA. Then again, he's 21 and he's supposed to be good in the running game.

This could turn out to be a good draft for the Celtics, but it could also turn into "What if" heaven if Gay or Foye turn out to be stars or if Marcus Williams turns out to be much better than Rondo.

The idea of Rondo and Telfair constantly keeping the Celtics running excites me. Maybe we'll be reminded of the Bibby/Bobby Jackson combo from a few years ago. Then again, Doc Rivers won't know how to divide up the minutes properly.

Overall, the Celtics saved some money and collected more talent. Someday this has to turn into domething good. Doesn't it?


The Godfather said...

McNamara wasn't expected to get drafted.n He would never make it in the NBA. In reality, he struggled after Carmelo left and even more after Warrick left. He had the great Big East tourney run, but that was about it.
Warrick was drafted my Memphis the pick before Denver drafted Hodge from NC State. His NBA career accomplishments include getting drafted by Jerry West and coming in near last, or last, place in the Slam Dunk championship.

Bryan said...

My favorite part of the draft was when Stuart Scott said that it would be amazing to put JJ Reddick's career up against Len Bias' NBA career.

That and how the Chicago Bulls will make the Eastern Conference Finals next year. Book it.