Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stackhouse gets a red card

The New York Times asked an interesting question today. If it was Dampier instead of Shaq going for a layup and it was Wade instead of Stackhouse committing the hard foul, would there still be a suspension?

The Stackhouse suspension is a continuation of the NBA overreacting to highly visible displays of physical play. This has been for public relations, not to protect players' safety. What Stackhouse did a few days ago is not as dangerous as the elbows thrown by Shaq and Mourning or even the shenanigans that occur away from the ball.

This has been a series where Maverick players have received multiple elbows to the face. There has been no punishment for these dangerous fouls. However, if someone dares to commit a hard foul on NBA royalty, David Stern serves up a one game suspension in what is now a three game series.


Anonymous said...

what if shaq had cracked his head open on the board and died? Come on, the foul was flagrant and too aggressive.

The Godfather said...

according to your theory anonymous, it is due to the potential severity of the injury?
that's not the definition of a flagrant foul or how suspensions should be decided.
personally, I think it was a flagrant foul. I'm not sure how you want to define suspensions though. If you read the first paragraph of the original post, I agree with the point 100%. I no longer consider myself a NBA fan and I am not going to watch the game anyway. I'd rather watch the streaming of Bonnarroo.

Alan said...

If you're not aggressive fouling Shaq, he gets the basket. I didn't know Shaq was that close to dying from that foul. A death would maybe warrant a 2 game suspension.

Patriotsy2k said...

"Death considered a 2 game suspension". Great response to a weak point, Alan.
I agree with the Godfather about the NBA. It has turned itself into a fairy league that has delivered several questionable suspensions this postseason. Even Alonzo Mourning of the Heat made a reference to this latest slap by David Stern, saying how the "league has changed". In my opinion, for the worse.