Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wade's still real good

I missed most of the game because I decided to watch the Schilling Smoltz pitching duel. So when I turned on the game at the end of the fourth I was disappointed to miss the 74 attempted free throws (49 by Miami, 25 by Wade -- that was nice of the NBA to get his dad to ref tonight's game for father's day).

Fittingly the game was clinched by Wade's made free throws after a phantom foul call.


Patriotsy2k said...

This was exactly my point to the ignorant, frontrunner Miami fans. I hope they enjoyed that 1 point victory in overtime, since it was a bunch of b-s.
That foul call was terrible. The refs in this game gave the game to Miami. They should go play with the soccer ref in the US-Italy matchup.

The Godfather said...

It is quite depressing that I like BartCop would rather watch a midseason baseball game or a replay of a World Cup soccer match in Spanish than watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup or any NBA game.