Saturday, July 01, 2006

Now it's just ignorance

Being misinformed helps too. I don't know enough to complain about the
announcers. I don't know enough to dislike any players, teams, or coaches. So
I'm stupidly enjoying some good soccer without my usual cynicism.
-me, 6/13/2006

Those were the good old days. I didn't dislike any players or teams and I didn't even complain about officials. Ignorance was bliss, but now the bliss is gone. Here's some complaints:
  • The biggest story of the World Cup has become yellow and red cards. They're such severe penalties, but refs are handing them out like AOL handing out Free Trial Discs.
  • The overhyping of England. I watched England's games because I actually heard of some of their players and supposedly they had world class players. Wayne Rooney was supposed to be some super sniper. The only thing he accomplished all tournament was intentionally stepping on someone's groin.
  • Then there's David Beckham. Does he do anything else well besides corner and free kicks? Every kick he made was celebrated as a miracle, but I didn't see how his kicks were so much better than other players' kicks.
  • Players taking dives and faking injuries is disgraceful. You fake an injury, you should be forced to sit for at least 15 minutes. If instant replay shows that you blatantly dived, you should be suspended.
  • Portugal. The Portugal, Netherlands game was the ugliest dirtiest game I'd ever seen (I've seen about 12 games in my life). Italy rightly has the reputation of diving, but Portugal seems to do it just as much. Also, their players look just like Coach K when they whine to the refs.
  • Why did ABC keep showing fans drinking in British pub instead of showing the game? I can watch people drink in bars anytime I want, especially if I'm hanging out with Patriotsy2k.

Now that the complaints are out of the way, there have been some good things I've seen in the tournament.

  • Former Guess the Athlete! Zinedine Zidane zipped and zoomed zpectacularly around the field against Brazil. Brazil supposedly have the best players in the world, but Zindane was the best player on the field today.
  • Ronaldinho's great with free kicks. Unlike Beckham though, he can do other things on the field like making multiple defenders look foolish.
  • Argentina's passing was fun to watch. The chest trap and great shot before the ball hit the ground to win a game was a beautiful goal. It's a shame they lost.
  • Germany's header to header goal was impressive.
  • No commercials!
  • The crowd singing songs during the game. When will they sing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline?

An expert's prediction: France beat Germany in the finals one, nil.


The Godfather said...

My view is that if you don't liek it, don't watch it.
I get excited for the World Cup, but don't watch much soccer in between because watching the MLS compared to other leagues is like watching the NL compared to the AL (actually I am kidding. I am hoping the NL just slumped and only a World Series victory will make up for this interleague debacle. And yes, the QWorld Series IS still on and the NL will have a shot because we all know October baseball is different than June baseball. But kudos to the AL for their dominance).
I've watched a lot of Portuguese league games and some Euro Cup games, but without following it full time, it is difficult to know many of the players.
Yeah, PK's suck in deciding a game, but it was great to see a goalie come up as huge as Rocardo for Portugal. It was like a hitter knowing what pitch was coming every time (maybe the AL knew what every NL pitcher was going to throw).
It's a different game, but since I no longer watch the NBA or NHL, I need a new sport to get interested in.

Alan said...

I still like it and I'm still watching; I'm just giving constructive criticism because I care.

I don't like the idea of ending a game with penalty kicks, but in that England game it looked no one would ever score and all the players were dead tired. If they got rid of penalty kicks I think FIFA would have to ease up on the subsitution rules.

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