Saturday, July 01, 2006

A real NBA trade

No draft picks, no cash considerations, no salary dumps -- here's a simple trade of two talented players, T.J. Ford for Charlie Villanueva. Both players exceeded expectations last year and both should help their new teams. Toronto gets a speedy point guard and opens up playing time for newly drafted Andrea while the Bucks get a young power forward to play next to Bogut. A simple talent-for-talent trade, I'm so excited.

More Bulls second guessing: could they have traded Chris Duhon and/or Ben Gordon for Villanueva? If so, what would Bulls fans rather have: Tyrus Thomas and Gordon/Duhon or Villanueva and Brandon Roy?


Bryan said...

So I am not sure why all the Bulls second guessing, but I'll try to make some sense of it. You can't compare what Ben Gordon brings to the table to that of Charlie Villanueva.
The answer to your question is the trio of Thomas and Gordon/Duhon. Reason being that Thomas will develop into a great player, Gordon is already there, and Duhon provides depth and minutes. I am not the biggest Duhon supporter, but he does play a valuable role. Charlie V's one season will be just that.

Alan said...

I guess I just don't believe in Tyrus Thomas like others do. I think it will take him a few years to contribute and even then it could be a question mark. Meanwhile, I have more confidence that Foy and Roye can contribute right away. With the Bulls already a playoff team, I'd rather take immediate help rather than a project.

The Villanueva deal may have been a bad example, but Ihought they could have gotten a big man through a trade or free agency (although maybe the couldn't with a market in which Nene earns $60 mil)

And the Bulls are getting second guessed by me because it's pretty rare when a playoff team has the number 2 pick in the draft (it also doesn't hurt that I know there's at least one Bulls fan that visits this site.)

Bryan said...

The Bulls had the 2nd pick because of the genius in New York. Given the 16th pick, they probably would have stayed with Thabo. Drafting him really frees up Hinrich, who really is the best defender on the team. Now instead of chasing Wade, Lebron, and other big scoring 2-guards he'll now have to worry about guarding another point guard. Hopefully this will also lead to helping his inconsistency on offense.
Thomas is a project to be sure, but the Bulls do have somewhere around 17-20 Million in cap room to play with. They have already made an offer to Ben Wallace. I am hoping that they will also make an offer to either Nazr Mohammed and Chris Wilcox. Either way, the Bulls will still be players in the free agent big man lottery.