Sunday, July 16, 2006

Special Report: the search for Kris from Key West

Reporting from a secret location in Boca Raton

Day 1 of the search for Kris from Key West yielded no results. For new visitors of the site, Kris from Key West was a self proclaimed ladies man and legendary poster who vehemently defended the virtues of soccer while constantly predicting the demise of the Patriots.

The Godfather and I first joined Patriotsy2k at the Davie Ale House. We found some good drink specials, but no Kris from Key West.

Next we went to Dolphins Stadium. We found a mildly entertaining minor league game. This one team, the Houston Astros, had a clean-up hitter with six homeruns. This other team, the Marlins, really tried hard but they just couldn't get an out near the end of the game. The left fielder should have at least made one out, but he was too busy chasing butterflies in the outfield. Hopefully the coach took them out for ice cream after the game.

In Dolphin Stadium we also found plenty of empty seats and some interesting Spanish speaking hecklers, but no Kris from Key West.

After the game, we decided to search another Ale House, this time in Boca. More good priced drinks (for MA residents, like the Godfather and me, cheap drinks at a bar is a big deal), but no Kris from Key West.

Finally, the Godfather and I inspected Patriotsy2k's domicile for foul play. We had suspected Patriotsy2k may have had something to do with Kris from Key West's disappearance after Kris criticized the Patriots one too many times, but Patriotsy2k appears to be innocent.

Tomorrow the search will continue out of Miami, through the Keys, and into Mexico.

Again, don't expect many posts until August unless we find a certain soccer zealot.


Bryan said...

He'll be the one in the Brett Favre jersey.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

Biks Wigglesworth said...

We ran amok in Key West. To see flash movie about traveling in Florida in our RV, click here: The Dacrons flash travel blog Contains photos, voice over, music and sound effects. WARNING: can get very silly at times. :-)