Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The week in review

I know this has been on everyone's mind -- Operation Kris from Key West has failed; the soccer-loving, Packer-loving gigolo continues to elude us. There were some highlights of the trip -- Patriotsy2k speaking Spanish to Swedish girls, Patriotsy2k finding the love of his life from Belarus, whose only words of English are "yes" and the names of each drink on the menu, and the Godfather becoming the Kobayashi of ice cream eaters.

With those shenanigans now in the past, back the world of sports. Here's what I missed (you may have missed it too if this site is your sole source for sports information - screw ESPN!)


Patriotsy2k said...

More highlights:
Alan tailgaiting in the parking lot before the cruise. The Godfather almost having to stop a fight between me and some grandma. Big Daddy Dave being eliminated from the eating contest for not finishing his soup. Big Daddy confusing every worker on the ship with his complicated drink orders. Alan winning the albino competition on the last day at sea.

The Godfather said...

Some more highlights. Learning people actually still enjoy Lionel Ritchie songs. Learning that you can actully smuggle Cuban cigars into the country by cutting the rings off the cigars. Learning that the stereotype of people from NJ is actually true. Learning that a Long Island Iced Tea with actual iced tea in it tastes like crap.

But the most important thing I learned on the quest to find Kris from Key West is that when watching ESPN Deportes, when you see Manny went 3-2, it actually means he was 2-3 or so I think. Everytime I asked one of the waitresses, they just nodded amd said "Yes".

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks to PatriotsY2K for actually detailing some of the activities of Big Daddy. (the world wants to know!) I would like to point out that Alan discriminates against Big Daddy on this website and never mentions him!

Secondly, who cares about the eating contest, although it is surprising that Diddy would lose. The only reason I can think of that he wouldn't eat his soup is that it was onion soup and reminded him of a bad experience at the 99 restaurant. What we really want to know about is, who won the contest to pick up the most babes? I gotta put my money on Patriots Y2K! Did Diddy and Alan put the moves on any ladies?

- Ladies Man

Patriotsy2k said...

I think there is some trickery going on here. That last email was written by Big Daddy, himself.Only he would put himself into a 3rd person like that, unless he was trying to give us one of those "banana in the tailpipes"!
And the next night after Big Daddy Dave got eliminated from the eating contest, he was then beaten by the NJ tandem of King Kong Bundy and Andre the Giant. Tough week for Dave!

Anonymous said...

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