Friday, October 10, 2008

ALCS Game 1 Thoughts

  • Cow bells, Ray fans? Really? Are there a lot of cows in Tampa? Real fans use just their hands and mouths. Insert sex joke here.
  • Rays are a much better coached team than the Angels -- great fielding and no stupid base running.
  • David Archuleta left Middle Earth for a few minutes to sing, "God Bless America." Ronan Tynan has pieces in his stool bigger than Archuleta.
  • Analogy time: TBS is to Starbucks as Fox is to Chock Full o' Nuts. Dennis Eckersley is to Prime Rib as Kevin Kennedy is to Spam. Buck Martinez is to Lamborghini as Tim McCarver is to a broken down, senile, pompous Yugo.
  • Something I forgot in my preview: Papelbon and Percival have both seemed to be vulnerable in regular season Sox/Rays games this season. (I'm writing this in the top of the 8th of Game 1. Promise).

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