Saturday, October 11, 2008

Assigned Reading

Above is a picture taken in 1955 of Hall of Famer Raymond Berry and Leroy Vaughn (Mo Vaughn's dad), who were rookie teammates and close friends. They've recently connect connecting after 50 years of not seeing each other. Nice story about two impressive people: Ex-Colts connecting again, by Mike Klingaman.


The best baseball writer in America looks into the Angels' foolish approach to hitting. He also invents a word. Diloneism, by Joe Posnanski.

Which takes us back to the Angels. They are a very good baseball team. Why? They have good starting pitching. They have an often dominant bullpen. They play fair defense. And they have some offensive speed and two or three good (and high priced) middle of the lineup guys. All this made them good in close games (80-42 in games decided by four runs or less) and as such they deserve a lot of credit.

BUT there is a real danger of Diloneism now — this personal sense that the reason the Angels are good is because they don’t score runs, because they have an astonishingly bad offensive approach, because they don’t get on base and swing free and don’t get caught up in, you know, WALKING or whatever. I’m not saying the Angels are there yet, but I hear tones of Diloneism in many of the quotes. The Angels win IN SPITE of not scoring many runs. It is BAD to not score many runs. It is NOT HELPFUL IN ANY WAY to not get on base.

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