Tuesday, April 04, 2006

'06 Marlins = Cleveland Indians from Major League

Written by Patriotsy2k

At the beginning of the 1988 smash "Major League", a couple
of Indian fans in the coffee shop remark about how they
have never heard of half the Indian players. This is how I
felt when I saw the starting lineup in tonight's game against

Let me explain - with the following names I am sure few MLB
fans have heard of. Batting 4th.. 1B Mike Jacobs, 6th....2B
Dan Uggla,7th....Miguel Olivo, and 8th....Eric Reed. Telling
me you know about these players would be like telling me you
knew the White Sox were going to win it all last year.

I am leaving out Josh Willingham (LF, batting 5th), Jeremy
Hermida (RF, batting 2nd), and of course...Mr Hanley Ramirez
(SS, leading off), who most Sox fans have heard of. Willingham
and Hermida developed last year on the Marlins, yet I will
still give credit to anyone outside the Marlins fan base that
has heard of them. Hanley Ramirez is well known, mostly
because people outside of Boston and Miami see him in that
Beckett trade.

So 4 out of 9 players are unknown rookies. And if you add
Willingham and Hermida, that is 6 out of 9 players...or 6 out
of 8 positional players. Thank goodness for Miguel Cabrera.
Surprisingly, they are only down 1-0 in the 8th, mostly because
of Dontrelle Willis's strong pitching.

Not much is expected from the Marlins this year, so I guess
seats will be easy to find and I can roam their temporary
stadium freely. This article writer is hoping, however, for
the same success as the Willie "Mays" Hays-Rick Vaughn-Pedro
Cerrano-Jake Taylor-Roger Dorn led Cleveland Indians.


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The Godfather said...

Typical Red Sox fan, saying a lot of people will know who Henley Ramirez is because he was in the Beckett trade, but no one will know who Mike Jacobs is. Jacobs was a key player in the Delgado trade. He is the fastest player ever to hit 4 HR's. I know that sounds pretty stupid, but he came up when the Mets had postseason hopes last year and more than held his own. He hit his first HR last night. I know the point you were trying to make and you are correct, but watch Jacobs. He definitely has potential. By the way, I followed a lot of minor league stats last year and Ramirez just was not putting up numbers that impressed me. I know he has been labeled as a can't miss guy, but I am not exactly sold on it.