Thursday, April 06, 2006

A present for Jets fans

This video is a perfect blend of die hard fans and a team's incompetence.

Jets Draft History


Patriotsy2k said...

That was great! What does the Godfather think?

The Godfather said...

I saw this about a week ago.
A little unfair, but very comical.
All teams have had bad drafts. Pats fans had some bad ones before Bill.

Jeff Lageman brought a chuckle by me. Blair Thomas would have been Junior Seau, but they chose to go offense.

Definitely funny though. I remember the We Want Sapp chant like it was yesterday. He had some cocaine problems entering the draft. Looks like he turned himself around. Why can't the Jets get players like him?

Alan said...

The highlight for me was the Jet fan who said, "I thought they were gonna take Marino if he was available. I guess the Jets know something about Ken O'Brien that we don't knw."

Patriotsy2k said...

Sapp went to the what do you expect? I think they have a cocaine prerequisite there to graduate.
You got that right, about the Pats drafting b4 Parcells. In '92, the season before he came, they took this goofy lineman named Eugene Chung. Didn't work out. And in '91, they had the #1 pick, and decided to trade that to the Cowboys. They got Russell Maryland out of it...the Pats got this linebacker named Chris Singleton, and a defensive tackle named Ray Agnew. Singleton, didn't work out. Agnew was OK. And in '90, they took another lineman, some surfer from California that lasted 3 seasons. Once again, didn't work out.