Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poison pills & another year of retirement stories

  • The Vikings did not match Seattle's offer for Nate Burleson. Nate Burleson and $49 million should never share a paragraph, but teams paying too much for a player is nothing new. Also, we should always take these contracts with a grain of salt because they're not guaranteed. Burleson getting all of that $49 million is as likely as it was for him making up for the absence of Randy Moss.
  • The troubling thing about this story is the so called "poison pill" the Seahawks put into this contract. The contract says that if Burleson plays five games in the state of Minnesota, the contract would be guaranteed. Surprisingly the Minnesota Vikings did not match this. The NFL should be ashamed that they're letting this go on.
  • Brett Favre says he coming back to play with the Packers for another season. In other words, ESPN, FOX, CBS, SI, and everyone else wasted everyone's time with Brett Favre retirement hype at the end of last season. Hopefully they'll be able to recycle it next year, and maybe even the following year too.


Patriotsy2k said...

Poison pill, huh? Good idea, although I wonder why Seattle wasted this on a mediocre player like Burleson.

Anonymous said...

The Burleson contract was a direct retaliation for the poison pill contract the Vikings gave Hutchenson, however Hutchenson was worth it.