Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1936 Olympics

I got an e-mail that wasn't spam (I think)!

I'm Monkeyfister, forever poster at the Forum, and big supporter of Bartcop...
I thought you might be interested in the Full Leni Reifenstahl Classic"OLYMPIA-- The 1936 Berlin Olymics" for free stream. I think that your (our) readers would be interested.
This is the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, where Jesse owens shoved the aryan ideal bullshit straight up Hitler's arse... This is super-hard to find footage...
For as much as Reifenstahl and Hitler wanted this movie to be a "nazi rout" of the Olympics, Leni managed to play out a fairly decently balaced journalistic portrayal of the event... those first 10-15 minutes before Hitler starts running his yap, are brilliant bits of iconic filming. Welles, Chaplin, and Hitchcock used the techniques that she pioneered. I'm no racist, by far... but this film is as timely as it is incredible to see in entirety.I hope you enjoy it.
It's really worth the viewing... hell, they were doing High-Jumps in the middle of the night by torch-light.... THAT is some serious athleticism!
All the best,
Tony B.

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