Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two point guards who don't pass

Steve Francis has been traded to the Knicks because having one Stephon Marbury just isn't enough. If you're a forward or center on the Knicks do you bother going to the offensive end of the court? I would just hang out on the defensive end, rest, and chat with Spike Lee a little bit as we watch Stevie Franchise and the self-proclaimed best point guard in basketball show off their skillz.


The Godfather said...

The reason the NBA has lost a lot of fans (or at least had a change in fan base) is because there is no longer positions or structure to a lot of teams. It is a very chaotic game with little teamwork or passing.

I blame this on players either not going to college or not staying long enough. These "kids" are coming out of high school where they did control the ball the whole game because no one on the court in high school could guard them.

I have mixed feelings on players coming into the league too early. On the one hand, there are a whole group of players that never learn the concept of a team game. But on the other hand, there are players like LeBron James. He is just so good and college would have been a waste for him and he is a team player.

The only encouraging thing is that you look at the teams winning the championships recently. The Spurs and Pistons are two of the teams that do have a complete team. This will still not enough for me to actually watch the NBA, but I do hope that one of these two teams wins it all again this year.

Anonymous said...

It false to claim Marbury doesn't pass, as you imply. He does pass--witness his career assist numbers. He just doesn't pass early enough in a set offense to facilitate winning.

Alan said...

He passes when he doesn't have a shot, which is okay for a scorer, but not a point guard. How many shoot first point guards have won a championship?

Patriotsy2k said...

I agree with the Godfather. If anyone reading this has the channel ESPN Classic, watch some of the older NBA games. Over the weekend they showed the '91 and '88 All-Star games, and a few weeks ago we saw some 80's Celtic-Laker matchups. Let's just say it was a much better version of basketball, with great passing, fast breaks, and players hustling for rebounds and loose balls. Even the shooting was much better.
I also blame this on the expansion of the NBA teams from 23-30 teams. With over a 25% increase in players, you got some guys who never would have belonged in the NBA during the 80's, playing now. With inferior talent, with an obvious lack of the "team game" (as the Godfather mentioned), you get this.
The NBA can claim that it's at an all-time high in popularity, with increased ticket sales and TV money. Don't let this fool you. The NFL and MLB have rich, lucrative contracts that dwarf the NBA, and there is a large number of corporations gobbling up tickets to entertain their clients - people who have no idea what's going on in the game that consider themselves fans.
I'll stay home and wait for April - the start of the MLB season.