Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Super Bowl diary

Instead of going out for the Super Bowl, I stayed home and wrote whatever came to mind. My thoughts are divided by quarter, so to follow what I was thinking from the beginning you need to go down to my first post and work your way up.


The Godfather said...

Ironically, all the years the Pats were in the SB, I was at the same party not surrounded by any Pats fans. This year a Monday morning meeting kept me away from a SB party surrounded by Steelers fans.
Well dome Bartcop. It took until the 4th quarter for you to be overly biased towards the Patriots.

Alan said...

Pssst! The Patriots weren't playing.

National boards are being very critical of the officiating too

Patriotsy2k said...

Godfather, you should have gone to that Steeler party. These guys are hardcore, and actually fun also. The multi-millionaire guy I work with, a diehard fan who flies up to Pitt. for games, hosted a party in his 3.1 million dollar mansion. After the game, i tasted some of the finest champagne ever. Talk about taking advantage of a situation, huh?