Sunday, February 05, 2006

Third quarter thoughts

  • Wait. The Steelers have a running back not named Jerome Bettis.
  • That touchdown run came out of nowhere
  • Sharpie retractable? Finally some excitement.
  • None of these receivers will make us forget about Jerry Rice. Lots of drops.
  • Polamalu with a big missed tackle on third down.
  • Maybe Joey Porter was right about Jerramy Stevens. Catch the ball.
  • I liked Joey Potter much better than Joey Porter.
  • Missed field goal. Where's Adam Vinatieri when you need him.
  • Remember how I said it was good that the Seahawks were using a quick pace. They're not doing it anymore and their offense is stalling.
  • Pro Bowl ad. Why bother?
  • Now that's a nice shoe string catch by Ward.
  • Seahawks need a big play soon.
  • They "miked" Jerome Bettis. Dear ABC, he's a backup running back. I don't care about him. Focus on the good players who are actually making plays.
  • Bettis with the 15 yard run.
  • And the stupid crawl to celebrate.
  • Going for a 50 yard field goal looks like it was a risk not worth taking.
  • Steelers burn a timeout. Could cost them at the end. With the way this game is going probably not.
  • Did the monster and robot just have sex? And that's where Hummers come from?
  • I was getting ready to type "Game Over," and Big Ben throws it away!
  • That might be the big play I was talking about.
  • With that mistake, Cowher will get real conservative on offense.
  • Polamalu gives up the TD. From what I heard this week, he's the greatest safety ever.
  • Too early to go for two. Take the sure points. There will be more to come.
  • That touchdown was some nice route running.
  • Jerome Bettis will have to give some good advice to the Steelers secondary.
  • Three straight runs. See Cowher conservative post above.
  • The World's Fastest Indian? It's not a blackjack dealer at Foxwoods.
  • Another drop. Stevens isn't going to Disney World.
  • Nothing like a drop and a false start to ruin your momentum.
  • Steelers bench surrounding a Seattle player like hyenas after a tackle on the sideline. Nice reminder of why I don't like the Steelers.
  • Punt returner has to catch the ball in the air. The Steelers pinning the Seahawks could be enormous. With both offenses struggling, field position becomes more important.
  • Great scramble by Hasselbeck.
  • Another quick whistle on a potential fumble.
  • End of quarter, 14-10. We still have a ball game!


The Godfather said...

Does the Hasselback INT overtake Ben's INT as worst pass?
I thought this was the Super Bowl. Even Trent Dilfer knew enough not to force something that was not there.
If the Steelers win, it will be curious to see of the NFL creates a self-imposed rivalry between Big Ben and Brady. I'm not discounting Brady y any means, but Ben's record speaks for itself the last 2 years and at a younger age. The NFL is facing a tough CBA. Just a thought.

Patriotsy2k said...

I guess I wasn;t the only one mystified by that monster commercial. Didnt know it was a Hummer ad until now.
Godfather, I and many others will say that Ben is now a top 3 QB. He's got to stay consistant to remain there and possibly climb up.