Saturday, February 04, 2006

Some more NBA bashing

  • Kevin Garnett was 12 for 13 from the field last night, yet he took no shots from the field in the last six minutes of a very close game. Blame his teammates for not getting the ball to him, but Garnett also needs to be more aggressive leading his team.
  • To cap off the night, the guy Garnett was supposed to be boxing out sealed the game by rebounding a missed free throw. Garnett then had to foul, but he inexplicably waited hovering over the Portland player for about four seconds before finally committing a foul.
  • The Sacramento Kings went 0 for 20 in the fourth quarter. Trading for Artest = Bad Karma.
  • Jalen Rose makes $15.7 million this season, $16.9 million next season. Not bad for a guy who hasn't been the best player on his team since high school.
  • Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady will be starters for the West All Star Team. Their regular season team has the worst record in the Western Conference.
  • Celtics fans need a distraction: Quotes from Tommy Heinsohn During Celtics Games

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