Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At least the Cardinals will have a nice stadium

From the Arizona Cardinals home page:
The 152,000 square-foot concrete stadium floor will have a utility grid embedded in the floor and can host various events like trade and consumer shows, conventions, concerts, motor sports and rodeos.

The grass field remains outside the stadium in the sun until game day getting the maximum amount of sunshine and nourishment, eliminating humidity problems inside the stadium and providing unrestricted access to the stadium floor for events and staging.

The tray will take approximately 45 minutes to move.
The tray will rest atop tracks and will roll out on steel wheel sets powered by small electric motors.

The field will support approximately 94,000 square feet (over 2 acres) of natural grass.
Having the rollout field saves $50 million in costs since it is more economical to move the field than having the entire roof retract to allow the necessary sunshine to reach the grass.

The natural grass playing surface is contained in a retractable, 12-million pound tray that will be 234 feet wide by 400 feet long, the first of its kind in North America.
When the Cardinals are playing poorly, fans should be allowed to press the button the ejects the field and teams out of the stadium.


Patriotsy2k said...

This is a great idea. Is this going to happen, or is this one of those Hartford Stadium plans?
Leave it to the Arizona Cardinals to come up with this. The next stadium after this has to be either Buffalo or Minnesota.

The Godfather said...

First point about Hardtford is that they did build a stadium for UCONN to move to Division I football. The plan was just downgraded when Bob Kraft stayed in Foxboro. The Rolling Stones actually played in hartford over the summer.
Second point is on the field. I think it was the Mets that brought in this concept to try this at one time. It seemed stupid then and it still seems stupid now.

Alan said...

I think the stadium opens next season.

They claim rolling the grass out saves $50 million a year. Sounds smart to me. Also the field gets protected when they do conventions, monster truck ralleys, rodeo's and stuff like that/

Badger said...

Move this team to LA, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, or Mexico City NOW.

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