Sunday, February 05, 2006

1st quarter thoughts

  • Cheerleaders. Advantage: Seahawks
  • Love the quick pace the Seahawks are using. Letting the play clock run down helps the defense too much. (As Manning learned against the Steelers)
  • They called offensive holding? I thought that was allowed now.
  • Seattle missed a big opportunity by not pinning the Steelers with that punt.
  • The Burger King commercials with the mascot on the playing field were the best commercials. So what do they do? Put him in a cheesy musical commercial. My Burger King boycott has begun.
  • Mosi Tatupu shot!
  • Sloppy start by the Steelers offense.
  • Sierra Mist commercial's clever.
  • So is the Magic Fridge
  • The Steelers should probably cover Jackson
  • Hasselbeck looks pretty composed. The quick pace at the start may have helped.
  • Why start calling holding now?
  • FedEx caveman ad is dumb, except for the guy getting stomped at the end.
  • John Madden: "centers are sneaky guys." In other words, watch this cheap shot.
  • I've heard of five Seahawk defensive starters. Damn West Coast teams.
  • V for Vendetta looks good
  • Diddy Diet Pepsi commercial already clinched worst commercial of the night.
  • Do the Steelers know Darrell Jackson's playing?
  • Steelers better get a pass rush because their secondary need help.
  • 3-0


The Godfather said...

Look this good after 900 years, you will not.

Patriotsy2k said...

Godfather, are you drunk....or just quoting lines from a recently seen movie?