Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pregame thoughts

  • Chris Mortensen said the Steelers want to send a message to Alexander by beating him up early in the game. Unnecessary roughness penalty coming up!
  • Some second thoughts on my pick. Seahawks haven't been good against the 3-4, Alexander isn't known to be good at blocking blitzers.
  • As usual, Irvin, Young, and Tom Jackson provide absolutely no insight whatsoever.
  • You could hide a lot of coke in Michael Irvin's tie.
  • The "I'm going to Disney World" rehearsal commercial was entertaining, but if I were a player I'd be too suspicious to do it.
  • You also wouldn't catch me alive posing with the Lombardi before winning it. Belichick wouldn't look at last year in a pregame press conference. Now players and coaches on both sides are doing artistic poses with it.
  • Seeing Stevie Wonder is always good, but enough with song medleys. Songs were meant to be played from beginning to end.
  • Wonder's faking it. He's not blind.
  • This looks like a Steelers home game.
  • When a team's season ends, their commercials should end too. I'm so sick of the Tom Brady's 5 layers of protection commercial. I can only imagine how someone who's not a Patriots fan feels.
  • The former Super Bowl MVP ceremony is cool.
  • Tuck in your shirt Jerry Rice!
  • Where's your tie John Riggins?
  • Now I understand why the Pats lost this year. If they were in the Super Bowl, Brady and Branch wouldn't have been able to be in the ceremony.
  • Already sick of Full Throttle commercials.
  • How many Seahawks fans are in Detroit? 25?
  • Jerome Bettis is gonna be winded after that sprint onto the field.
  • Aaron Neville is not a good singer. Why won't anyone admit this?
  • I wonder what Dr. John's specialty is? Podiatry?
  • Is that Jerome Bettis's mother singing the National Anthem?
  • Adam Sandler's new movie Click is a ripoff of a Simpson Halloween episode where Bart and Millhouse could freeze time.
  • Harrison Ford has completely lost it. 50-year-olds should not have earings and goatees.
  • Tom Brady should not be doing the coin toss.
  • I hope Joey Porter doesn't go for Brady's knees.
  • With the coin toss, Tom Brady beats the Steelers again!


jayp said...

FYI... Harrison Ford has the goatee because he's filming a Civil War movie about the capture of John Wilkes Booth, and he's had the earring for almost 10 years... get over it!

Alan said...

I didn't know Ally McBeal visited this site!

The Godfather said...

Mind what you have learned, save you it can.

Patriotsy2k said...

Lee Flowers was the one that took out Brady in the 2001 AFC Champ. game, not Porter.
Also, are you sure about that Simpsons Halloween episode? I dont remember that one, and I usually watch them in late October.
And....yes, I am sick of those Brady commercials also. Tonight they showed that Coors Lite Train commercial, which is supposed to be the Patriots playing the Raiders in Gillette, which happened over 5 months ago. Get over it..