Sunday, February 05, 2006

4th quarter thoughts

  • Going into the 4th quarter, the Seahawks clearly have the stronger quarterback right now
  • Any commercial with Benny Hill music is a good commercial.
  • A lot of trash talking. Do these team realize they're playing in the Super Bowl. Priorities?
  • Alexander starting to play like an MVP
  • Where were these refs when the Broncos were holding the Pats on every play?
  • What was I saying about the stronger quarterback. Another terrible interception.
  • Maybe I can use the Brett Favre excuse. The receiver ran the wrong route.
  • Another bad call against the Seahawks. Jerome Bettis's mother must be the head of officials.
  • Great pass by Randall El. Everything is going right for the Seahawks.
  • Roethlisberger threw an illegal block on that touchdown pass. Brady got called for the same block earlier this year.
  • MacGyver's on. Patty and Selma are happy.
  • Absolutely terrible officiating. First there's the phantom holding and now the supposed Hasselbeck fumble.
  • Every close call on the field is going the Steelers way. The supposed Roethlisberger touchdown and now this fumble. The first one was at least close, but there is no excuse for that fumble call.
  • Bad quarterback play, dropped passes, bad officiating, curious coaching decisions. Not a good game.
  • Great time for a corner blitz.
  • If this Seahawk punter could have avoided the endzone just once, the Seahawks may have been in better shape.
  • My Super Bowl MVP goes to Jerome Bettis.
  • Timeout was called after Roethlisberger clock hit zero. Another bad call.
  • Nifty third down play by the Steelers. Number 54 was holding, but why call that?
  • Good call by Madden predicting the bootleg run by Roethlisberger.
  • Terrible throw by Hasselbeck. Forget what I said about the stronger quarterback. The strongest quarterback on the field was Randall El. Actually it was Tom Brady with the coin toss.
  • And that's the ballgame. Congrats to Steeler fans, be proud bandwagon jumpers.


The Godfather said...

I don't know who will win MVP, but Willie Parker deserves it. One play changed the game.

Alan said...

I agree. Ward made some nice catches, but that's what Super Bowl receivers are supposed to do. It was a game lacking of great plays, and Parker made the biggest play of the game

Patriotsy2k said...

Was that fumble the one they eventually overturned..and gave the ball back to Seattle? If that was the one, I couldn;t understand why it was overturned. Please tell me if I am incorrect with this fumble. Also, that holding call was legitimate....if it;s the same one I remember. I called it when the play happened, and was proud of myself when Al Michaels announced it. It's hard to remember if these plays were in the 4th, especially when you are 8-9 beers into the night.