Friday, July 08, 2005

David Wells - Jerk

He's glad Kenny Rogers attacked a cameraman. From the Boston Globe:

''I'm glad he did that. He needed to vent. He's been a mild-mannered ballplayer his whole life."

Wells, in his defense of Rogers, said sometimes players don't like cameras ''when they're pissed off."

''What Kenny did, I'm fine with," Wells said. ''The cameraman wasn't hurt. He went to the hospital, pretending to be hurt. He's winking at another guy, saying, 'I'm going to get paid.' That guy's a [expletive] idiot."...

....''The guy's not hurt," Wells said of the cameraman, when David Heuschkel of the Hartford Courant reminded Wells that there were criminal charges involved. ''Be a man. Take it. The same thing happened with that guy in Boston in that incident in the bullpen."

Just as a reminder, here's a story about when David Wells took it like a man from someone 10 inches shorter and 70 pounds lighter.


Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, why is it that every athlete that says or does something you don't like is a "jerk"? I understand your point that Wells said to take it like a man, when he called the police last September over an incident. These comments by Wells sound like someone just defending his colleague, an athlete he has respect for. Does this make him a jerk??

Alan said...

This isn't the first thing Wells has said that annoyed me. The "jerk" thing is a headline theme I've been doing for athletes and umpires who've annoyed me, and I felt Wells fit in with the group. I understand players wanting to defend their teammates, but you can only go so far. Even Rogers' present teammates aren't defending him.

Actually, I think it does make Wells a jerk to say it's okay for an athlete to assault a camera man, a member of the press who helps makes it possible for athletes to be paid so much money.

What Rogers did was terrible, and it's terrible for anyone to say he's glad Rogers did it. "Jerk" is one of many words you could use to describe someone saying something as stupid as what Wells said.