Monday, July 25, 2005

We need more of this...

Here's an e-mail I got from a Packer fan. I'd love to see more e-mails from fans of other teams so Patriotsy2k and I can condescendingly laugh at them. I believe this one is from Joe Buck.

listen up
im sick and f--king tired of hearing people say favre is washed up. he is a living legend, he is in the top 5 in every major all time passing category. last year the washed up old man was 5th in the nfl in yards and 4th in touchdowns. now i guess that would be considered washed up, because in 2003 he lead the league in touchdowns thrown, and the old pile was 3rd in thrown touchdowns in 2002. now you can say, "well who wouldnt have good numbers with the prolific deep talent of robert furgeson, donald driver, and javon walker?" the fact of the matter is, brett favre is awesome, people that dont agree should choke.
and quit bitching about green, hes a damn good back.

your damn right im from sconsin


Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, the best part of that email was this part..... "the prolific deep talent of robert furgeson, donald driver, and javon walker?"
Too much cheese will affect your brain.
While Favre may be a "living legend", I'd like to see what his numbers would be if you took away all of those bogus calls that go in their favor. These turn into 1st downs, which then sometimes turn into TD passes. The untimely interceptions at the end of last season didn't help his "QB of the year campaign", either.

Patriotsy2k said...

What does Kris from Key west say about all of this??? Is he back from retirement.....the lion needs to be awaken!!
Or maybe, Matt is Kris from Key West.

The Godfather said...

the only thing I hate more than a Packers fan is a Yankees fan.

joe buck said...

ok so the part about furgeson and driver were obviously meant to be funny; brett favre can make any reciever look good. look at antonio freeman, robert brooks and all the other shitbags that came through green bay and were nothing without brett. i dont know how there are people that dont love him, he never misses a game, hes the most durable man alive, the frickin threw for like 500 yards the day after his dad died.
also cheese and beer are great, stop being lame.
whats wrong with packers fans? i dont bitch about the pats, i actually have a picture of tedy in my room.