Friday, July 01, 2005

NBA Drafted Player Report Card

There's plenty of NBA Draft report cards, most giving the Celtics 'A's' and the Raptors 'F's.' My report card, however, is based on how the drafted players did. Obviously, the ones drafted higher did better money-wise than the ones drafted lower. However, a player's career can depend on which team drafted him.

For example, Tim Duncan was drafted by a team with David Robinson and a good coach in a city that matches his personality. If the lottery balls bounced differently, Duncan could have ended up playing with Antoine Walker and horrible Coach Pitino in a high pressure city. Duncan's career may have taken a drastically different path. He gets an 'A' for being drafted by the Spurs and would have received a 'D' for being drafted by the Celtics.

Anyway, here are some grades for a ten of the 2005 Draftees:

Marvin Williams - Atlanta. He goes to a team with too many swingmen and a city that deserve no professional team. On the other hand, if he's as good as people say he is, the team is his to lead. C

Channing Frye - New York. If you're a big man and drafted by the Knicks, you'll have a mediocre career. The good news is they'll eventually pay you too much. D

Yaroslav Korolev - Clippers. All players drafted by the Spurs receive an automatic F. F

Sean May - Charlotte. He gets to play with his college teammate who knows how to get him the ball, and his front court mate is Emeka Okafor, which he should be very thankful for. May will have a good shot blocker helping him on D, and all of the rebound and low post scoring burden will not just be on him. He loses points because the last time Charlotte drafted the hometown hero, the J.R. Reid era began. B+

Rashad McCants - Minnesota. If he was drafted by Portland, his career would have been over in three years. Now he gets to play with Garnett who will be a strong offcourt influence, and he'll give McCants plenty of easy scoring opportunities (on the court, maybe off the court too). A

Gerald Green - Boston. Scenario one: Doc Rivers creates an enthusiastic exciting atmosphere as a young Celtics team slowly matures into a championship team with Jefferson and Green as the core players. Scenario two: Paul Pierce and Ricky Davis take away all of Green's playing time and make life miserable for him with their bullying and selfish behavior, as the Boston fans grow impatient with Green's development. I'll say he gets a little of each scenario. B

Francisco Garcia - Sacramento. Is smart, has an all around game, and likes to pass. He was born to be a King. Then again, the Kings aren't what they used to be. B

Ian Mahinmi - San Antonio. All players drafted by the Spurs receive an automatic A. A

Wayne Simien - Miami. Playing with Shaq and Wade and living near South Beach. Sign me up. A +

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