Monday, July 18, 2005

More Kenny Rogers

He just doesn't like or understand cameramen. Rogers had another little run-in with a camera man.

"...WFAA reported on its Web site Monday that photographer Mike Zukerman was videotaping the procedure when Rogers turned to him and said, "You're getting really close; you know that? Do you hear me?"

A few seconds later, Rogers again turned to the camera, saying, "You must be pretty proud of yourself, too."

After Zukerman replied, "It's just my job, Kenny," Rogers responded: "Yeah. Your job. That's just your excuse..."

That's just your excuse! Is Rogers insane? Does he actually think the cameraman is using his job has an excuse for some desire to film Kenny Rogers? Does he view these people as paparazzi? I'm sure this guy who was told by his boss to film Rogers would be there even if he didn't have a cameraman job.

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